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  • Retrograde Planets - Music of the Spheres MP3

The Solar System is the perfect model of all life-forms, and its planetary motions have an elegance little known or fully understood. This seminar details the transit of all of the planets, and their power when they are retrograde. Their full cycle (from Jupiter out, the Rx phase is almost 9 months long - a gestation period) reveals a source of intelligence that "informs" us of our unique patterns and ways of being. Erin's book on Retrograde Planets finally put into perspective what a retrograde planet really is: what it is "doing", what its timing is, why it is so important in whole-system astrology and understanding the cosmology of humanity and its individuals, and its natural cycles of seeding, gestating and birthing. Most importantly, this seminar teaches how retrograde planets and their motion actually affects each of us individually, in cyclic periods. Recorded at the FAA conference in Sydney, Australia. Jan. 2008. 4 hrs. MP3 Format.

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Retrograde Planets - Music of the Spheres MP3

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