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Venus and Jupiter

Astro*Carto*Graphy and Relocation
As reviewed by Kenneth Irving.

It is truly unfortunate that many of the best books on astrology either are available only in England or come to us via British publishers whose distribution channels are slow. The problem of bringing these books here is due partly to the facts of life of international commerce. However, I think it also may be due to the differences between the astrological readership in the two countries. American astrology tends more toward an indefinable "personal growth" of one sort or another, and tends to seek out authors who are friendly and unchallenging. Books that come out of the U.K. are replete with references and dense of type, carrying weight and meaning in every sentence, requiring the reader to be an active participant, rather than someone passively entertained.

Mind you, I'm only trying to point out a general difference and not one which distinguishes every book from England from every book in America. Heavy tomes are published on the west side of the Atlantic and fluffy, feel-good books are published on the eastern side, but by and large these go a bit against the grain in either case.

Erin Sullivan is certainly one of those authors who challenges the reader, and while this book is no exception, the fact that it is drawn from a workshop at the Centre for Psychological Astrology makes it a bit different from her written works, showing us the successful lecturer behind (or perhaps beside) the successful author. The subject, as one might guess from the title, is relocational astrology, including Jim Lewis's Astro*Carto*Graphy.

Erin certainly knows the latter subject, having learned it from the master himself, as well as through direct experience, since she has traveled extensively. This gives her a unique perspective on ACG, as well as a deep understanding of its principles and practice, all of which comes through in the program presented here. Books based on lectures and workshops tend to be obtuse and difficult to read, since the mind works in different channels when speaking than when writing, but this volume is an exception to that rule. The information is given to the reader in a clear and direct fashion, not only because of the author's presentation and the audience's informed participation, but because the transcription on which it is based obviously has been very carefully edited.

The material is logically presented, working from the basics of angles, lines and crossings through shadowed planets, and ending with real-life examples. In the latter category, one chapter each is devoted to Andrew Cunanan (the bad-Mars poster boy for ACG), and Princess Diana. A final chapter brings in examples from the workshop group itself, showing us interesting cases we won't find elsewhere.

The second part of Where in the World is a unique and valuable consideration of other aspects of relocational astrology. I say that because many people have the impression that ACG is simply angularity, and nothing else, while in fact it is a logical extension of an older idea that the birth chart in some sense "moves" along with us as we travel or change our residence. Jim Lewis taught that the reactions we might have to different planetary lines were colored by the total condition of each planet in the birth chart an idea most obvious in his work on "shadowed planets." This is crucial to an understanding of how angularity and the birth chart work together, but there are quite a few other nuances to be understood in relocation work, most of which one will find considered  here.

As with the section on Astro* Carto* Graphy, the author works through the points to be made in a logical fashion, bringing in ACG where there is a conflict to be resolved or a complementary point to be made. Diana is revisited as a celebrity example, but there are once again many individual stories drawn from the seminar participants, each bringing out some new and different facet of relocation analysis.

This book is not available at present in bookstores in the U.S., so you will have to order it based on the information at the head of this review. If you are want to deepen your understanding of relocation and Astro*Carto*Graphy, you can't do without this book.

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