Erin's December/January 2014 News - SALES and GIFTS!

Erin’s December/January 2014 News – SALES and GIFTS!

Golden SunWe approach the December Solstice Point and the seasonal stasis of our view of the Sun slowly begins its change. It’s “stand still” as it turns . . . toward the Equinox!

Greetings to all of you at this momentous time!

Well, we have continued on with many changes and life force challenges in this past year – in both our personal individual lives and psyche’s but also in the collective soul.  We find ourselves carrying not only our own processes and personal individuation, but also we are bearing the load of much of the planet’s consciousness and growth.  My friends, clients, business associates all, have told me of their personal connection with the global condition – and the mythic proportions it has reached.

As in a Greek tragedy, we await the deus ex machina – the “god in the machine” – to sweep in, bringing crisis to a crossroad and a form of conclusion!  Crossing that threshold, or the many thresholds we are on the limb of, is essential.  It is essential in its timing, for each of us have totally unique and very particular challenges and histories that we are moving through and toward a new unknown. 

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A Gift For All Of You

A Gift For All Of You

"The horoscope of His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama:
An Archetypal Life"

A Free Download - this 2 hour class in honor
of his 80th year of life july 7, 2014

Dalai Lama at 4 In the light and honor of the beginning of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 80th on our planet - his life, his Personal Heroic Journey (quite amazing) the major transits, and his special configurations detailing his inner spiritual and socially responsible life since the age of three. All the illustrations used in the class come with the download.

In February through October, 2012 I had the joy of teaching a "Training Course" to interesting and interested students. In Semester 3, Class 1, we did the horoscope of the Dalai Lama, with my teaching of His natal aspects, some of the significant midpoints, his transits as events took place (eg, his dark night of the Soul a couple of years ago) AND his Personal Heroic Journey, transits of Saturn around his horoscope! Astounding, he was found as Saturn was at his MC, his "Vocational Call". . .

Dalai LamaHis horoscope is an exemplary life lived very true to his innate and incarnate tasks. He is one of the most interesting men in the world, with a highly charged set of life tasks, and who lives, truly, an archetypal life.

DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY . . . Blessings to you all . Erin

Discover your own Personal Heroic Journey here.

The full 6 month course curriculum is on my "Training Course" page on my website, which has been very well received, with testimonials from many of the rigorous students. Over 12 of the attending (25 international students) did excellent projects relating to the material in the course, and received a special certificate, all students received a certificate for perfect attendance and working with the principles of the teachings.

I encourage you to purchase and do the course as an independent study, and move from beginner/intermediate through professional level. There are 36 hours on various interpretive and technical techniques. Each of the three modules of the 18 two-hour classes, is clearly outlined on my website. It comes with all the illustrations with the download.



1986 San Diego first UAC  !!!

by John Steinberg

This groundbreaking movie of the First United Astrology Congress, in 1986 filmed and directed by John Steinberg has been released!!!!!!

You all must see this, to see where we were in 1986, what we had to say, what we acted like, how we looked (young and beautiful)  - This is a double film you must see (parts 1 and 2) It is on Vimeo, and is surging the astrological community,  . . . I had said in  one of a few of the sections I am in:   "This is the Woodstock of Astrology"  and damned if it isn't the great title!!

This first Astrology (not corporate, but a collusion of AFAN, ISAR and NCGR in harmony (!) took place at the Bahia Bay Resort, in San Diego, and was attended by  people from all over the world.  The top astrologers who still are by and large, still the top astrologers, authors, lecturers and leaders in the spiritual and intellectual world of astrology speak in many different scenes, ad you will recognize the core values and philosophy - in those fresh spring days.

THIS  was the beginning - the ingress of astrology into the global community -  with the spiritually radIcal and dedicated astrologers - many of whom you now know, study with, read, listen to and love - and many of whom have "gone before" . . . this is gripping stuff  . . .  ponder your values, consider your role today, personally and collectively . . . it is an important role you play in today's global astrological forum.

Meanwhile, just enjoy this wonderful reflection on the early and brilliant (I am amazed at us, what my colleagues were saying then)  what a beautiful uplifting flashback    . . .    many of us are still saying it but with a new maturity of thought, we were young and innocent, but who we are then (some of us) lies at the core of our work today.

November 2012 Newsletter

November 2012 Newsletter

Dear friends, clients and colleagues,

In the light of ‘the way things are’ I want to offer an important service to you at less cost.  As you all know, I have been a vocated personal/global astrologer, counselor, relentless student, educator, specialist editor (astrology and neo-science) and an author in the ancient and sacred work of astrology for 45 years. 

My gift to you for 2013 is a significant discount in my counseling / astrological work and therefore am offering:

Readings Discount90 minute depth consultations for $295  (regularly $325) AND

1 hour focus consultations for $220  (regularly $250)

This special offer is to give more of you an opportunity to guide yourselves through the coming year or so, with a unique and very personal perspective.  As well as to my very dear regular clients a nice New Year gift. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you book your appointment with me for this special fee between now and November 30th, those reduced fees will be in place.

I am offering my discount in my work and service so more of you can gain a greater perspective on your personal life, and how revolution and witnessing (Uranus) and deep cleansing (Pluto) can be maximized in a positive way for you and yours.  We each individuate the collective experience by seeing the planetary patterns in our own charts, and how the transiting (the global experience) planets are urging us to change, activate and accept what our personal life presents.

Welcome to 2013!
In Times of Change – New Perspectives

WoodstockNever in my astrological life have I experienced such a planetary array to wade through . . . I have looked ahead at it over many years, and knew it would be a massive – collectively and individually ­– overhaul of ‘the way things are’ . . . by the 1960’s – in which I was significantly and actively involved in the social and consciousness revolution – I was not alone:  there was an echoing outcry of the youth of the entire world – all with the same message.   We are now in that long predicted time.  And it is a time in which many do feel alone, no collective support or consensus reality.  It isn’t going to last forever, but it is a defining time . . . the Uranus /Pluto square is about re-locating our focus, re-membering our self, re-minding us to be creative in the face of utter change. And it is a major factor in the recreation and ultimately a healer for the anima mundi, the world soul.

Overwhelmed by human and natural cataclysm, I am hearing from more people increasingly in need of some significant personal perspective, a big perspective on their own lives, something real to hold onto and work with.  I am also aware of a prevailing sense of isolation that so many are experiencing – again, a natural response to an overwhelming but unknown condition.  Old patterns die hard, old paradigms shatter with resistance, and the tighter we ‘hold’ ourselves the more stress on our own system.  So in all these years, I find that I cannot change the world, but I can know it better, and feel a true sense of belonging to the times, and understand how to move with them.  Not shatter, but remain integral to Self and world.

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September 2012 Newsletter

Rainbow in New Mexico

September 2012 Newsletter

Hello my friends,

It is a beautiful summer here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, far too hot for a month, followed by perfection.  Now the monsoon and cooler weather approaches  . . . with stunning lightning storms followed by double and triple rainbows!


This is a most unsettling time for all of us in both inner and outer ways . . . each one of us is personally undergoing a critical period of time that is forcing growth and awareness.  The global crisis so evident is experienced within each of us in our own unique way. 

When there are such dramatic planetary aspects in the heavens, it is essential to realize that there is something YOU can do:  the astrology of the times is extreme and ongoing, hence we share the experience of both excitement and apprehension.  Because we individuate collective global transits through our own horoscopes, and thus into our psyche and consciousness, I find great comfort in knowing what these aspects are, and how I might use them best – this knowledge does not change the reality of events, but it offers both personal understanding of our own “work” as well as helps us from falling into the collective fear, anger and feelings of helplessness.

The planet Uranus, in Aries, is the medium for innovation and revolution - both.  We all have a personal need for this transformative participation in the global ethos.  The planet Pluto, in Capricorn, is about detoxification and cleansing as well as ridding old and outmoded habits and ways of being, thinking and doing.

In small ways we can move this profound, insightful process along. My client work is enriched with people who are finding ways to alleviate anxiety and fear of the unknown.  Being in transition, in the threshold of change is both exciting and alarming.  The real value in personalizing the collective lies in improving the collective by that much. Every step forward, or even every liminal experience, contributes to the evolution of the whole.  Keep that in mind, the more you accept the overall, the better you perform.  The better you perform your own direction and revolution of being, the more interesting and exciting life becomes.  This is not to live in a dream world, no, but to live intensely in the moment, and become intimate with the profound immensity of our experience.

Please feel free to contact me, and explore ways of making the changes you want to make, and the timing in which you are called forward to new thresholds, and directions.

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May 2012 Newsletter

Venus Retrograde 2012

May 2012 Newsletter

A Phenomenal Time in our Solar System

Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another interesting planetary season!

It has been a considerable time since I have sent you a newsletter or posted an article or new podcast – however, all is now happening at once. There are lots of “news” in my life: new home, this newsletter, new podcast on the upcoming Venus retrograde ‘Transit of Venus’ on my homepage, new Training Course, new article here, and a new book in the creation. Also, many of you know that I relocated back to Santa Fe, New Mexico from Victoria, British Columbia on January 27th. 

This April 18th – Mars was stationary direct on my midheaven - I began an online real-time Certification CourseWorking With Astrology: Principles and Practice of Contemporary Psychological and Archetypal Astrology.

We are 26 strong - a group of people who are interested, interesting, grounded, variously educated and with multiple backgrounds and interests – one of the students rallied a Facebook page, where they all interact, ask and answer questions and so on. They voted to call this Facebook group “Maieutikos: A depth astrology web forum Maieutic isrooted in the Greek word for ‘midwife’. Midwifing is a term I use for birthing the truth in the horoscope.  By methods of hermeneutics – enquiry and interpretation – the truth is born. Both methods are linked in that Maia (a midwife) is the mother of Hermes (the wordsmith/psychopompos).  Both of whose names are the roots of both evocative terms.

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June 2011 Newsletter


June 2011 Newsletter

On The Threshold of a new Apprenticeship

Hello friends!

As I prepare to leave my island in the Pacific Northwest, for my journey to my heart-home, the great Southwest New Mexico, I share some thoughts with you.

I will be in the Santa Fe area for July and most of August, with my family and seeing friends and clients . . . and doing a couple of afternoon seminars. Keep watch on my website under “Events”. Please feel free to contact me via email.

With planets rolling around in my head, the global configurations delivering complex messages from the heavens, I am all the while in the same place as everyone else. Full of wonder at our collective circumstances – wonder being the operative word – and with a great knowing that “it had to happen”. There is such an element of heartbreak here, through the pain and suffering of so many and so much, that I have to accept that background of grief as a real place and a master teacher.

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