The Solstice of 2016



This T-Square is super-dynamic and brings ancient myth alive today . . . as if we are back in the origins of Western Civilization the archetypal agencies of the gods are as lively and virile as in the Iliad, on the battleground of Troy!

War is an opposition . . . one which should – if such a thing can be morally correct – have rules of engagement, defined boundaries, specific enemies and allies, uniforms, internal affairs, and so forth, but here we have Jupiter (Zeus) opposite to Uranus (Ouranos) and Pluto (Hades) forming a 45 degree angle – a square to that opposition – thus we have a “T-square” . . . a complex conversation indeed. And this one is masculine dominated – a woman cannot get a word in edgewise it seems. And the feminine function in men is at a loss to find itself. Both the angles as well as the planets are aggressively poised and totally masculine in their primordial function.

This is not a comfortable conversation between the two rulers of the upper air: Jupiter opposing Uranus and squared by Pluto conjunct Mercury. This configuration is literal: we have a global philosophical/ideological and cultural schism that has been fueled by the most catabolic aspects of human nature – fear of “the other” the foreigner, the unspeakable different ones.

The breaking down of workable systems, negotiation and functionality has put half of the world in bare survival mode. Ultimately, the Jupiter Uranus opposition cycle is creative, heralding new and revolutionary social / global ideals – while its polarity also symbolizes the global (Jupiter) Holy Wars going on now, with all the high tech toys (drones, computerized systems etc.). Pluto and Mercury t-square lasts all year off and on, and that is where danger and death come in, both ecologically and culturally. So, my father was correct 60+ years ago – humanity is educated beyond its intelligence!

Zeus/Jupiter is also known as Zeus Xenios – the patron of strangers or travellers . . . however, the polarity to the protector is the attacker. The root of xenophobia lies in that epithet of Jupiter/Zeus and fear, hatred, projection, anxiety and so on are very much a part of Jupiter’s character.However, there is a pathology to Jupiter, the coiled underbelly of spirituality and religion - I’m sure you already know about the dogmatist, the false guru, the inflation of grandeur and sophistry! Jupiter gone bad, so to speak.

This characteristic is magnified to its most chaotic form, by Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus . . . so what we are really looking at is the horrific level of madness involved in the political arena in the USA. (Not to exclude the rest of the world, mind you!) Where the possibility of the man who is considered the president elect presents all the symptoms of mental instability, that include characteristics that in important public situations, he is chaotic, irrelevant, off-topic, demeaning, cruel, without any gifts of Epimethean foresight. He has a form of arrested adolescence where there is no cortical connection between action and outcome.

The omnipotent and omniscient side of Zeus that is both powerful and helpful, benevolent and kind, can equally be absolutely disastrous if it becomes an autonomous function in the psyche and not cooperative with the other planets. If Jupiter inflates and takes control, and one becomes the archetype without individuating that vital force, then a high moral tone is poured over everything. The result is usually a rejection of all things outside one’s own belief system and the imposition of one’s own will and dogma on anyone who will stand still long enough.

An inflated Jupiter could actually be quite mad, or it could be a compensatory device in the unconscious of a person who suffers terribly from feelings of inferiority. That’s where you get the split between others and the self - this is me, that is you: I’m ok, you’re not.

That would be, of course, a form of xenophobia (remember Zeus Xenios?) and is the shadow function of Jupiter, the pathological underbelly. Ideally, expansive, generous Jupiter would lead one to accept the fact that individual people and cultures are different and also correct and just in their own right; and beliefs are relative. The ruthlessness that Jupiter exhibits at times, especially as a religious or political fanatic, or simply as an insufferable bore, is incredible.


Hubris-Overstepping your mortality

Hubris – overstepping one’s mora, one’s lot, one’s destiny, is a Zeus associated pathology  . . . and if we do overstep our mortality, our person-self, then Zeus will bring  ἄτη – Atë – upon the committer of Hubris.
Atë, is a Greek goddess, and a daughter of Eris (Strife) and/or Zeus.  
Like most of the archetypal women of the ancient Greeks, she is quite dreadful!  As the Goddess of mischief, delusion, ruin, and folly, Atë also refers to the action performed by a hero, usually because of hubris, that often leads to his (or her) death or downfall – a kind of madness occurs – megalomania, narcissim, sociopathy.   Often ruin (Atë) actually precedes the downfall of a Dark Triad personality.
Her name is synonymous with a condition of the mind that means:  Zeus will take your wits away!   This is rampant in politics and business, and frankly in everyday life – however we are on the verge of being “ruled” by leaders who have this condition, this loss of wits and sensibilities, who have no concept of dignity or grace in battle.   Atë is becoming a rather serious condition:  we are in a plague of witlessness, a madness, a profane state of superiority over others.      

Ever at the ready, Hermes, psychopompos – guide of the soul and go-between of Hades and Heaven – is stationary retrograde now and conjunct Pluto at this moment and thus, winging madly between the most potent forces we have on planet earth, and, one hopes, is mediating the conflict of ideas and beliefs. Mercury will station direct around the 10th of January, and be back conjunct Pluto in the last week of January. *(We will also be reflecting back 8 years both personally and collectively when Venus turns retrograde in March . . . but I will write of that closer to the time.)

Between mid-Dec 2016 and the end of January 2017 there will be massive upheavals in all political arenas on a global scale. (This rampant instability actually continues on through 2017 – 2022).The USA in particular, is in a state of utter confusion, with its impending inauguration January 20th – which may or may not happen in accord with the rules. In fact, looking at the world condition, the USA Sibly Horoscope and the Zeitgeist it would not surprise me if there were an obstacle to the ‘president elect’ taking office at all, OR not being able to sustain the importance and contain the authority, of the position as the President of the United States.

If he was the head of FBI, like J Edgar Hoover was in the nineteen thirties on, who was mad himself, a delusional paranoid and a persecutor of those whose “crimes” he himself was committing, then maybe he could get away with it, but as president, no . . . so the USA has a major issue on its hands, and it would affect the entire world status and stability. O my.

Hermes Mercury also is a shape-shifter, and like Zeus Jupiter, has the power to “maze the minds of men” – and as he flits and flies to and fro, he can also be the trickster who comes in as a wild card, a surprise element and creates chaos all around. This is happening in the USA in a focal way – the conversation now within the USA itself and in its horoscope is deeply divided – as the last great empire, it appears to be collapsing from within.

The ‘conversation’ I speak of is rife with punishment, aggression, separation, isolation, war, segregation, and also pure nonsense – it is a trickster the USA has brought to the helm and interestingly the coyote Trickster himself has a full moon in Sagittarius/Gemini – ‘ruled’ by Zeus and Hermes. The elected president has a Zeus complex, and thus the curse of hubris, as well as the Trickster of Hermes at his (short) fingertips and the volatility and irrationality of an uncontained Uranus. It is straight out of the great mythology of the ancient Greeks: and, he has a string of female minions who have morphed, to look like clones – and are all attached to him like the women of Zeus who were enchanted and vulnerable.

The confrontation (opposition from Zeus/Jupiter to Uranus/Ouranos) is about two sky gods struggling for balance and ultimate rulership. Shall it be innovation, brilliance, positive change OR outright misuse of power, technology and human dignity and rights. Our global condition is dire, we all know that . . . and in this ethos we try to become more conscious and aware – but of what?

In the pain of the horror and atrocities being consciously committed by people to other people, and also happening in the forms of ecological disaster, as I write, there seems no logic. Logic comes with patience and forethought. We have no time for that it seems.


SO What Can I DO????

At the least we have a very important conversation taking place in the collective – it is being interpreted in thousands of languages and dialects, and also being processed by many billions of minds in totally unique ways. We have heresy and dissidents and positive radicalism like the nineteen sixties’ writ large. There are activists and rebels and heretics who are NOT taking the path of darkness, but are working to self-improve, thereby improving the collective consciousness by that much.

This period of hubris and destruction is an opportunity to examine the depths of our souls and the reaches of our minds. We have the chance in all of this to “cleanse” our selves as much as possible, of the global contamination . . . where is our hubris, our dislike of “the other”, our inflated ego and persona? How can be benefit spiritually and psychologically from the collective experience?

Cultural revolutions are taking place under these radical aspects we have been immersed in most recently (since August 2010 when Uranus made a waxing square to Pluto, both changing signs as well in that phase) and the social, cultural, sweeping consciousness revolution of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction began to unfold AGAIN.

Yes, war is war and it is always bad for ‘the people’ . . . but this is now sooooo complex that it is incomprehensible to most of us. To take in all, and remain functional is impossible. OK, so we need support and filters . . . we’ll go there later . . . how to navigate yourself and consciousness to a place of

relative harmony, and accord in the attempt to reconcile what IS with what SHOULD be, could be might be WILL be.

This conversation is about necessity and innovation, it is about knowing death but not making it happen – we have to be realistic and NOT afraid . . . this is a strong conversation under stress, it basically is telling earth people that there are no answers but good questions and actions.

We are caught up in a serious collective psychological condition that all of you reading this are finding it hard to get a grip on – actually, you do have a grip on it, you do get it, but you may not yet have found your ability to understand why there is such horror and confusion, and projected hatred. Also because this is a shape-shifter global guerrilla war, we don’t really have a grip on it. It is fueled by the invisible as well as the obvious . . . therein lies the conundrum – we don’t understand what we understand.

I don’t pretend to know how to solve this global catastrophe we are in, I don’t think anyone does . . . however, we have to “think big” – not only be like Carl Sagan – think: “billions and billions and billions of years”. But, also we have to think small, up close and personal: your family, friends, tribal connections, what small or great humanitarian act can you do today? And, what inner work can you do to not pet the black dog? Can you think differently from what you may fear, or even see in the course of a day out in the world. You can also limit your intake of news. Keep informed, but do not take it on yourself to solve anything, except your own strange little issues!

And this is only 2500 years of the Age of Pisces, and the rulership of the sky gods . . . give or take a few hundred years for evolution – there is a lot of ‘wiggle room’ and overlapping and evolutionary throwback and leap forward in making absolutes about epochal time frames and knowing statements of what happened 3,000 years ago in the realm of the gods and mortals. We are beginning to discover ancient cultures, and it would be lovely if we still could do so and keep some of them alive!

Yesterday is fine to discuss, but the relief I have found in these turbulent times – is to think BIG. Look at the long-range cycle, a philosophical and archetypal worldview . . . but one thing is certain: the Piscean Age has never been without war, never. It has been profoundly about empire, religion, ideology, supremacy, acquisition, dominance, power, control, ascendancy, and collective projection of “the bad” onto whomever or whatever is in the way of power, control, achievement, procurement, purchase and acquisition! And, in particular a total and absolute attempt (and successfully it seems) to suppress the feminine function and the results are a disaster . . . This is what has to emerge from now – a compassionate, fiercely loving, protective, sustainable passion for life – not death. As Freud would say: “It is the Eros/Thanatos dialectic”. Go for the Eros!

These heady days of amazing achievement and technology has also spawned its bad seed. We now are voluntarily victimised by Social Media for example . . . but that’s another story . . . For now we will look at ‘civilization’ in a focussed but general way . . . if you can.

So, in the end, what I can do, and you can do and we can do is to work with what there is, stay as “clean” as possible, and contribute what you can, give when you can, pray like mad, don’t dwell in the cave of media and terror, but come out into the open air and seek community . . . or create it!

I wish you a rich, important,
and personally peaceful New Year!