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Astrology in retrospect is always fascinating, because with that perspective, we can learn so much from hindsight and thus better inform our foresight!  

This month of March has presented two eclipses: 

  • The first one occurred at the New Moon on March 9th (a total eclipse of the sun)
  • The next one will be a Lunar Eclipse on March  23rd (a prenumbral eclipse of the moon)

Even more significantly, these eclipses, though the Solar Eclipse was in the sign of Pisces, and its subsequent eclipse is a Lunar Eclipse in 3 degrees of Libra / Aries . . .

Something terribly important comes about through eclipses. From the earliest days of sky watching, millennia ago, eclipses have always played a role in consciousness . . . even in the most archaic cultures and psyches.

We retain these primordial memes to this day, and they lay sleeping in our deep psyche only to rise during resonant times of celestial and terrestrial action!

Eclipses are a predictable, rhythmic and eternally returning relationship between Sun (father sky) Moon (mother sky) and Earth (Gaia)

Their rhythms are complex and their cycles long . . . however, for now, I want to focus on what is going on with these openings and closings of psychic and celestial doors as they present themselves now.

Confusion is at a peak . . . not only globally with all of the emigrations, closures of borders, creation of new hierarchies, countries in flux regarding their status and governmental order, and so much more we all hear about in real time thanks to the world wide web: the internet, the global link that truly does make us “ALL ONE” . . .

The number of planets in Pisces is not typical, we do get stellia (four or more planets within a few degrees of each other, typically in the same sign) . . . every so often, and astrologers remark on them because of their domino effect, their ‘knock on’ effect, where one agency leads immediately and often symbiotically to another.  For example, the
Total Solar Eclipse marked a total loss of literal boundaries in several countries, and chaos at sea especially with the Syrian panic and terror and deaths while trying to escape to safety.

Stellium = Nuclear fusion

This particular stellium is in exact opposition to its old ruler, Jupiter – so there is a sense of simultaneous “conspiracy” (that word means “to breath together”) and conflict going on (I don’t need to tell you this) in almost everything we are doing! 
I am myself, AMAZED, at the confusion, lack of sense, hubris (very Zeus/Jupiter), rudeness, self-centeredness, puerile behaviours, idiotic mistakes, bad timing, and so on!! Hyper-vigilance is the over-compensatory characteristic to this loss of control and boundaries.  You make your own list, ok?  It will make you laugh, in the long run!

Individually we all feel this, it is a sense of free-floating anxiety that may have nothing to do with your impending tax date but everything to do with the global situation.

We consciously became globally tribal, as an “humanity”, not just theoretically but, actually, when the first Moon landing occurred . . . in 1969 . . .

Yes, our souls/psyches are one in the collective unconscious, but there was a date when we did all “become one” . . . and it was when some men walked on the earth’s moon, and looked back at the earth, and were amazed.  And when we as a global tribe, tied into our planetary family in a tangible fashion.

So, with all the philosophy and so on around this idea, what on earth is actually going on?

We don’t know.  And, as such, we are in a psychological place, that requires us to become increasingly grounded, earthed and contained by various methods that keep us ‘sane’ (fr Latin  sanus = “healthy”)

Staying Sane (stellium in Pisces with Neptune):

  • Let it go – it doesn’t matter, it may matter later but not now
  • Let it be – it will change, shapeshift, morph, elude and irritate you
  • Allow anxiety to be a place of opportunity for greater self-awareness
  • Distinguish between the Real and the Ideal
  • Accept the lunacy (lunar, moon) that is part of all massive change
  • Contemplate what is not working
  • Work on what is not working
  • Give as much leeway to others innocent mistakes or confusion
  • Look at it as an opportunity to be “spaced out” (within certain confines of course)
  • Give your imagination and creativity full reign
  • Say “no” when you often say yes to something you really don’t want to do
  • Say “yes” when you may actually not think you want to do or be whatever it is
  • Sleep – Neptune and Pisces ad the 12th house are “sleep perchance to dream
  • Learn something new something spiritual, psychological, archetypal – let your mind and body go to places new, exotic, educational and soul-healing

Being Grounded (Jupiter retrograde in Virgo singleton):

  • Be aware of your body and its responses
  • Take care of your physical needs
  • Be ordinary
  • Think of life as a way of being not as a thing to do
  • Concentrate on mundane yet vital details
  • Double-check everything (not meaning OCD – obsessive compulsive!)
  • Create a boundary not a barrier between yourself and worrisome things and people
  • Be vigilant in your protection of your rights
  • Be super conscious of your loved ones and value them and tell them that you are here
  • Look at how you could be more effective if you weren’t worrying about everything else
  • Feel your body (soma - Virgo) reacting to your soul/unconscious (psyche - Pisces)
  • Understand in basic terms what is really important to you for survival physically
  • Take up a practical and metaphysical area of thought, study, practice, work that serves both body and soul
  • And, contemplate your navel at least twice a day.  It is your “omphalos” your earth centre!

 Meanwhile, carry on!     Next month we will be exploring Mars Retrograde, as it stations at 8° Sagittarius on April 18th, 2016!   I will be interested in what happens between now and then, and will thus have learned something I can use for the future!    Whee!  It is a real ride, this year . . . isnt’ it?