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Welcome to the Solstice time!  When the miracle of the Sun appears to stand still for us on mother earth,
and begins its turning to bring in a new Cardinal Season to our World:



This new coming year - 2016 – is “challenging” in so very many ways, and that is not news to all of you  . . . and also it addresses the degree to which we need to be as close as possible to our most valued things:  relationships and people, ideas, working style, social attitudes, goals, ideals, values, vision.

This year's long, off and on T-square from Jupiter opposite to Neptune, squared by Saturn, is one of the major cycles in astrology, having to do with a time of great imagination, creativity and lots of work to create and maintain a sense of solidity. Though the transit of the T-square itself is collective - global - it will touch each of us in our own way as it transits three houses in our natal horoscopes. 


If you can image the T-cross overlaid your own chart, you will find the area best used to do or simply know the “times” we are in:


  • vulnerable but not weak 
  • wise and not overstepping your mortality (Hubris) 
  • flexible in opinion; exploratory in ideas and ideology 
  • interested in the world as you never have been before 
  • discovering that history is actually interesting 
  • withdrawing your projections on almost everything!   It is a tremendous relief not to carry that burden of opinion and ‘attitude’
  • accepting and not being a victim
  • believing and not being exclusive (this is an exercise to practice!!!)
  • being small
  • learning more than you ever wanted to learn but now rather liking it!


  • Gives the opportunity to deeply personally evaluate our deep, true beliefs as opposed to “attitudes”
  • Affords the ability to truly find a sense of soul and compassion – while still maintaining your beliefs (all of which you will be questioning importantly)
  • Opens the portal to becoming a global citizen – a psychic passport to the world as an entity with all its richness and colour and humanity
  • Be prepared to see something you have never seen before!



Jupiter and Saturn have been established planet/god/archetypes since millennia, since the Babylonians, Chaldeans, Sumerians . . . Our contemporary planets beyond the boundaries of Saturn are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto . . . all three were sighted when the Moon was in Scorpio.  This symbolism shows us the mystery and inquiry the outer planets bring to us in our daily lives and in our deepest recesses of the soul. How we many never ‘know’ them fully.

THE SIGHTING OF NEPTUNE:  something never seen before swam into the view of Galileo’s telescope  . . . Galileo saw Neptune, not once but TWICE:
1.  Dec 28 1612  - with Jupiter direct 26° Virgo and Neptune retrograde 26° Virgo Rx  
2.  January 27, 1613 Jupiter AND Neptune both retrograde at 26° Virgo . . .

Galileo thought Neptune was a fixed star because of the proximity to Jupiter, moving, but Neptune in Stationary mode – Neptune eluded our vision for 243 years until it was seen and recognized as a planet.  Neptune was exactly conjunct Saturn at 25° Aquarius (which is the degree of the USA natal Moon)  . . . . NEPTUNE the elusive one captured by Saturn – so their relationship goes back a long, long way.

When I first began to study / read astrology, I could not get a decent grip on the keyword association with Neptune . . . vague, mysterious, elusive, nebulous, ethereal, mystical, slippery, confusing, clouded, obscure,  and so on . . . you can imagine how well I “got” that! 

However, now after years and years of being with Neptune, looking back over time, its cycles and transits and studying its Classical mythic personification as Poseidon, I really get it now. 

I have a pretty good idea of what it symbolizes both in personal and collective ways!   Albeit, the original keywords still stand or shape-shift, in whatever mode we want to realize Neptune. And of course one must keep one’s inner eye on Saturn, the container of it all . . . the holding, containing and shaping of values  - in Zeus' sign Sagittarius – saying we must be very conscious not to adhere our beliefs to archaic, outmoded and long over, models of authority, power and control.
Jupiter opposite Neptune brings an inflated sense of “holiness” and godliness and it being t-boned by Saturn, suggests ultimately that we are in a war  of the Titan Saturn with the Olympian Jupiter and Neptune.   So, we are watching massive inflation of aggression, weirdness, alarm and another pathology of Jupiter/Neptune: the “holy wars” coupled with astoundingly ridiculous – and worrying – parodies of “authority” . . .
If we can see beyond the veil and into our psyche and watching the world, the anima mundi – and the cycles of Neptune and Saturn ­– it is apparent we are in a muddle on planet Earth.


T- Square in the MUTABLE SIGNS

All year these three major planets will be interacting in squares and opposition – a . . . This means a moveable feast.  Literally it is a time in our lives when any occurrence will be difficult to predict – in any mode of analysis!  Not astrologically, politically, calendrically, personally, collectively or globally. With the interaction all of 2016, each of the planets Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn, form, separate and re-form a close complex configuration called a T-Square.

The Mutable Quality, astrologically, is about the learning and communication sequence:  
1. Data intake  (raw undifferentiated ‘information’)
2. Digesting said data  (incorporating it into a system – nourishing or otherwise)
3. Finding beliefs from those two first agencies  (seeking meaning of life)
4. It all then enters the great information bank – the synthesis in your psyche  (the “we are all one” place)

Frankly it is a time of utter and absolute confusion.  (This may even be reassuring to some of you, who may think you yourself have gone quite mad when in fact, you haven’t – you are just in synchrony, in sympathia, with the ethos of our current transitional, provisional and liminal period of time.

Confusion binds back to an ancient Greek concept of ἀκαταστασία  - akatastasia - that is a feminine noun (all properties, concepts values and ideas are feminine nouns in the ancient Greek – goddesses all!)   

And it means:  disturbance, upheaval, revolution, almost anarchy, first in the political, and thence in the moral sphere. ("commotion") generates confusion (things being "out of control"), i.e. when things are "up for grabs." This uncertainty and tumult inevitably generates more instability.

Their dance is incestuous, if we take it from the origin myths . . . it is a family affair and it is a brother/father battle that has now taken its action to a global scale.  There is something about this time that seems strangely familiar as if it has happened before, which it has – even if millennia ago – mythically, sociologically and politically! 
Old gods go down hard, and we are witnessing and experiencing the most remarkable time ever in human history . . . because we do know what is going on at all times, in all places all at once – thanks to the world wide web net.  But, we are easily confused by the mass of information overload. 


  • Uranus/Ouranos father of Titan Saturn/Kronos
  • Saturn/Kronos is the father of Jupiter/Zeus:
  • Jupiter/Zeus usurped Saturn/Kronos’ position as the Titan god of the Golden Age when he disemboweled his father Kronos (who had castrated his own father, Ouranos/Uranus – and Uranus the planet took over Saturn the planet’s rulership of Aquarius!)  
  • Jupiter ruled sign of Pisces AND Sagittarius until Neptune was sighted  
  • Neptune thus usurped Jupiter in astrological domain . . . refining the moralistic/hedonistic and autocratic domain of Zeus/Jupiter.

Neptune’s sighting added a new dimension to consciousness – Neptune is spirit, soul, psyche, mysterious, invisible, and some other less idealistic characteristics, while Jupiter is stuck with dogma, religion, class, race, borders, strangers, enemies and autocracy.   .  .  . And so much more.

The T-square means we have an open door in the sign of Gemini (the ‘empty’ sign of the T-square) - we have a lot of thinking and mulling to do over the coming year - deep work on our worldview, relationship with our personal spirituality and/or beliefs, what we think versus what we "reptile brain" re-act to, our values, beliefs, sophistication in our worldview and a big lesson on how not to fall into xenophobia - fear of strangers. 

This is Zeus' realm. As the classical Greek God, he was considered the guardian of strangers and foreigners and travellers.  Of his many epithets he was called Zeus “Xenios”; (and who was 'usurped' by Neptune, to take the rulership of the sign Pisces when it was sighted – Zeus would not have liked that at all, indeed, has proven that as we see it played out both on a global scale as well as a local horror show.  Even the most sensible and grounded person is feeling this loosening (Neptune) of control (Saturn) in the face of blind ideology (Jupiter).
The news has not been good in the last few years, and doesn’t promise to get much better immediately – HOWEVER, having said this, there is still room for being realistically spiritual and religiously sticking to your “best self” as well as dealing with the tug-of-war of your own inner Saturn. It is possible to control the degree to which you are vulnerable to psychic invasion and to find safety in containment of your goals and outreach.


According to Freud’s model of the psyche, the id is the set of primordial instinctual responses to social or global “trends”; while, the super-ego plays the critical and moralizing role; and the ego is the organized, realistic part that mediates between the desires of the id and the super-ego.

The super-ego functions as a psychic mediator and can “stop” one from doing certain things that one's id may want to do – the id may want to go ballistic (literally) or it may simply fester as mindless hatred based on fear:  lack of information, shape shifting, lying, conversion, collusion, delusion . . . and this all leads to a sense of helpless rage in individuals:  basically a kind of primeval but contemporary Achilles-complex. 

The ego can “hold” a balance between mass psychosis (holocausts, hatred of the “other”, mass and very mindful murders and slaughter. These are not acts of the unconscious but can be in alignment with a loss or disconnect from anima mundi – world soul – and individual Self/soul/psyche.


During a transit of Neptune to natal planets, regardless of the angle, one enters a realm of mysterious, unfathomable, enigmatic and in some very important way, mystical and spiritual experiences. 

I have found that Neptune is the least informative of planets and I like that because working with people and Neptune; it has soooo much potential and latitude for deep exploration of the soul.

When it is transiting it washes away boundaries, shorelines, containers, definitions and all forms of ego control.  There are potentials for non-rational fears, high levels of anxiety, difficulty in decision making, falling into a ‘folie a deux’ – “madness of two” – being caught in a delusion collusion and not being able to really ‘see’ what you or others are doing!

This also arises in the collective - a ‘folie à plusieurs’- in which case large numbers fall into a fugue of mass psychology and inadvertently lose their individual identities, becoming “mob mind”.  We are now immersed in such a miasma en masse, while Neptune reinforces its position in Pisces, we will see increasing numbers of global – both dire and illuminating – ‘fashions’ parade before our minds and emerge in the social arena.


I see this year as a major opportunity to really dig deeply, calmly, without “attitude” into our soul.  In part, the Square between Saturn and Neptune alone, is one that describes a condition where we really have to struggle to keep our boundaries secure yet not isolate ourselves in a lonely world of anxiety and fear.   Boundaries, not barriers! 
We will find ourselves wondering and searching to find what we really and truly believe. It likely means trying not to leap to any conclusion at all, but to arrive to some sense of positive security even in the face of global instability.  We all are prone personal uncertainty - better that than blind hubris as we see all around the world in major leaders and crumbling ideologies. 
The mutable of Saturn square Neptune aspect allows for healthy introspection and action – we are not made to do anything by/from transits, but we are inclined from our own perspective to act in character relative to our environment, which includes the dominant transits of the time.
If we are frozen with anxiety, then the discomfort can be relieved and diffused by turning around and doing the opposite! If you can't write, for instance, then read! If you can't face doing the laundry, then don't.  If you don’t want to go out, stay in!  And, so on from the sublime to the ridiculous!


For an in depth astrological, mythological, global and literary exploration of the planet Neptune as it expresses itself, please go to my article on my website: 
“The Elusive Neptune:  Neptune in Pisces - Into the Mystic”

Greek Aegean Cruise

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"The latest incarnation of Oedipus, the continued romance of Beauty and the Beast, stands this afternoon on the corner of 42nd  Street and Fifth Avenue, waiting for the traffic light to change”  . . . Joseph Campbell from “Myths To Live By”

Join Erin for an intensive Exploration of the Psyche as we cruise the Aegean Sea, and walk through sacred sites, experiencing the origins and significance of Astrological Archetypes in modern day living.  The Astrology of the archetypes is interwoven into all contemporary life. 

Emissaries of the Psyche – An astrological/psychological genealogy of the origins of the Western Classical Gods:  from Chaos, the genesis of all things, to the birth of Gaia and her creation of Ouranos and their astrologically relevant offspring.  The focus is on the Gods who people our Horoscopes.  We explore their realms both classically and psychologically to see how nothing has changed in the realm of the archetypal.  How the archaic content of our collective unconscious “became” our planets’ names, thence psychic contents of our peronal Self. The stories of Gods and Planets are profound – their familial relationships – are dramatized as they are enacted in our own lives
The Acropolis... sail to the islands: Mykonos... Delos... Santorini and Crete . . . with talks from Erin and intimate group gatherings to explore your inner and outer world, gettin g to the core of your personal self:  relating, creativity, self awareness, empowerment and self confidence.

Full details of our Greece exploration are forthcoming. For now, save the Date: August 17 to 27, 2016 and plan to join us in our transformational retreat. Interested to know more? Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, email and phone number and your interest level; and I will keep you up to date - we will finalize the full tour/cruise details in plenty of time for planning!



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