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First set of webinar classes begins May 17, 24, 31

The degree to which we improve ourselves,
we improve the collective by that much.

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I am looking forward to bringing you my new creation:  I will be teaching "Archetypal Psychological Astrology in Practice" as a full course.  I am putting my 45+ years of work, writing, thinking, reading, analysis, living, world traveling, teaching, parenting, and simply being, into organizing an important way of thinking about astrology, working with astrology in all forms, and focusing on it in actual practice.  This is what I do.  

The course will be via Webinar GoToMeeting, using my beautifully created power point presentations to visually imprint the material in your minds. 

The course comprises three Modules each with three sequential classes of 2.5 hours. Each Module leads into the next, building a solid grounding in understanding. 

The full course is directed toward early learners right up to practitioners . . . focusing on how we experience personal Individuation and Self-awareness, thus being more effective in our daily lives.  Archetypes are just that - the "first imprint" - and we individuate that immutable form through our horoscope and into our life.    

As we circle our own hearth-fire   on planet earth, within the elegance of our own family of planets,  it is increasingly essential in these most astounding and critical times in the history of humanity   that we use the brilliance of astrology for global and personal growth and benefit.

Astrology (learning from the stars) is millennia older than psychology (the message from the soul). The ancient Greeks introduced psychology into the Western psyche through natural science, philosophy, the great dramatists of the theatre Dionysus, and so forth, thus the gods of the mythopoeic mind became our conscience and consciousness. 

As we internalized the mythic gods we became not minions of the gods, but individuals with volition  . . . choice, personal direction, and more . . . that is what my work is about:  who one IS and what we each do with that "is-ness" . . . so life is about getting down to  “is-ness”   

Over a few months, we will get to transits and timing for significant issues: deep conscious awareness of Self and Ego, complexes, stuckness, habitual behaviors, threshold crossings and how to make magical changes in a mundane world - andvice versa.  In short – good fun and a lot of important stuff to think about, ponder, read, practice – and learning to "think differently" . . .

“The latest incarnation of Oedipus, the continued romance of Beauty and the Beast stands this afternoon on the corner of 42d Street and Fifth Avenue, waiting for the traffic light to change”.  Joseph Campbell

It is essential that Contemporary Astrology actually help others become increasingly more of who they are, and who they are to become. Therefore, astrologers and celestial thinkers must become increasingly more psyche/soma (soul/body) awake. After all how can we help others if we do not also take on the task and live in the fullest way possible, this enriched life? 

I will go to the core of the person, based on his or her planetary conversations, AND their innate character and origins.  I sometimes refer to this way of working as a form of Socratic maieutics:  that is, midwifing the horoscope with gentle massage and plain language and relevant questions.  Working in multi-disciplinary ways of midwifing the horoscope, you will learn to see the dynamics underlying behaviour and being-ness.  To assist in the birth of what is imperative now, for each of us as individuals, and what every client wants.



Celestially yours,

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