Kite Chart August 2013Many of you are aware of the major configurations forming over the last month and the next while.  All major configurations are augmented and intensified by the faster moving planets as they lock into the degree orbs of the major configuration in a rhythmic coherence.  For instance the moon is the fastest moving body in our solar system.  The moon  "rules" the masses, the people, tribal instinct, family structures and the parental archetype of leadership, politicians, and "heads of state".  So when the moon is in a Cardinal sign every seven days, it will illuminate the Uranus square to Pluto  . . . intensifying its underlying manifestation in both the global action and our own personal experience of this dynamic

A Grand Trine – However, right now we will focus on the Grand Trine .that forms a Kite complex . . . a grand trine is an equilateral triangle between planets formed against the backdrop of the zodiac -  and acts as  a "closed conversation" between the planetary archetypes involved and deeply secreted in the privacy of our own psyche, embedded in the unconscious. When we have a grand trine between planets, it can be a period allowing for profound contact with our interior Self, and offers the opportunity to circumambulate complexes.  In this way we can give birth to a deeper and more profound sense of our personal truth.  A grand trine is a tight collaboration that closes doors on external interference, and even the most extraverted personality will find she pulling in and not as socially motivated.  A more introspective  introverted individual can become too isolated, and thus needs to make more effort to find kindred spirits.

The grand trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune is still very much in orb, and highly effective as we can see by the global resonance of the great gods having a summit counsel – there is a secret in that trine, and that secret is manifesting both in our personal lives and the collective ethos.  The grand trine is operative as I write this – July through November 2013 between 4 degrees to 14 Cancer.  Jupiter will station retrograde 20 Cancer December 31 (out of traditional orb but still connected by sign and element) . . . and will station in March 2014 at 10 degrees of Cancer.  

Thus Jupiter does continue to advise the grand trine, and it station-direct implicates even more social unrest throughout 2013 and 2014. In my book "Retrograde Planets" I call Jupiter in its station-direct phase, "the manumission of a slave" . . . hence, we will see (potentially) an increase in the insurrection to the point of many overthrows of the parental archetype of leadership.  The problem with the freeing up of the people – manumission of the slaves – is they won't know what to do with it.  That is why there is and will be an ongoing confusion even in the midst of cohesion.  (The square of Uranus to Pluto extends into 2016, which also plays into a reformation of global proportions).  

At this stage people are conditioned to oppression, and liberation actually is a major shock to the collective and individual psyche. For instance on November 9, 1989 when the Berlin Wall was penetrated and collapsed, there was and remains a period of rebuilding, and accommodating what was righteous rage and rebellion.  Establishing equilibrium is not done in a day.  Breaking a complex is not done overnight, but over decades . . . do not despair, however because from your own experience of meaningful metamorphosis and renewal does take time.

The Kite:  This grand trine is formed in the Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.  This alignment occasionally forms a complex configuration called a kite, which is a grand trine that has an "exit point from one of the planets in the trine. (fig.1)

Kite Chart August 2013
(click fig.1 to download pdf).

The Water Trine in itself symbolizes families and tribal groups, collectives of all forms, the increase of solidarity and politically unified ideology – or, a catabolic turn of events where the cozy idea of the safety and pride of family and culture is decimated.  The unity among disparity is being played out in ways that not only are aggressive, protective and clandestine but also demonstrating their cohesion, unity and their discontent within their own cultures.  This is brotherhood against brotherhood.   (See my newsletter article on Egypt during "Arab Spring" titled: EGYPT 2011 THE BREAKING OF A COMPLEX.)

A Water trine can act as a moat, that surrounds our own personal interior castle, manifesting in myriad ways.  We might find ourselves more isolated (safe) than we are typically.  It is a  naturally protective aspect – one that allows us to contemplate our emotional responses (Cancer), our feelings of safety (Scorpio), and our necessary spiritual exploration (Pisces).  

Pluto: The Exit Point

Let's look at this grand trine and the exit point as a single diagram in the chart below – Jupiter in Cancer is opposite Pluto in Capricorn. (fig 1)  A kite can only form in the opposite element of the trine element.  The opposite element from Water is Earth.   Pluto is in Capricorn (Earth) and is the head of the kite and directs the trajectory from the Water triangulation in the formation a kite flies.  So we are looking for grounding and direction from Pluto in Capricorn.

The exiting planet giving direction to the vector of the triangulation relieves the secret alliance formed by the Water Trine typically – in this case, it is Pluto.  I should hardly call Pluto a relief, but truth will out, and it has to.  And will do.  Truth is the psyche's emetic, purging is cathartic, and this function is healing, relieving toxic issues and reducing the violent emotions normally within a contained compartment of the psyche.  That it is Pluto 'exiting' from the grand trine, the already cloistered and sequestered planetary array becomes even more interesting in its revelations.

There have been a record number of "outings", of whistleblowers, all of who are being punished by the secret counsel who have been invading the privacy of citizens of the country.  

Note all the "whistleblowers" that are being focused on at this time.  There have been centuries of whistleblowers – truth-tellers, heretics – however there is a flood of them surfacing now – being forced (Pluto) to surface and flee to multiple countries (Jupiter in opposition to Pluto) to "hide".  

Because of the internet and synchrony of world time across the 24 time zones, for the first time in human history, we know what is occurring as it happens . . . this phenomenon is why our epoch, and its winding down, is so unique. Never before has any culture had this astounding vortex of time and place and event.  Now is a period when closed circuits and interior conspiracies are exposed, quickly, and in increasing numbers.  That which has been in camera is now exposed.  Forced or voluntary disclosure is going to become increasingly interesting over the next 18 months at the least.

We know that secrets make one sick . . . the unknown, if suspected by denied and covered up, creates a neurosis in an individual – in this situation with the global transits describing such secrecy, secrets in the national government/s and in the organizations that are meant to protect and support people, are hiding information.  This secrecy is then projected out into the culture/by the masses of disenfranchised who are either righteously angry (Muslim/Palestinian/Israeli world – Europe too has its immigration issues) or in the case of the US, through individuals who are ill, and untreated, often undetected, and certainly unsuspected until they irrupt into an emissary for the Shadow, the hidden side of the Zeitgeist.  

When asked in interviews, for example, about what is going on in the government's meetings on ecological issues, educational direction, health care negotiations, political issues, internal issues and so on, even the President is forced to say publically, when asked about specific concerns the "people" (Cancer moon, Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces), "we are unable to release that information, however, the buck stops with me" !   What buck?  Again, we are looking at a significant and totally as yet, unknown and unseen political thus personal issues.

The darker side of the exit point of Pluto presents as a global psychosis.  I call it "Guerilla World War I".   While millions are dying by the day in oppressed, bombed, blasted, and decimated countries, and millions in the streets of the eastern world, thousands killed, the United States seems to be cultivating the emergence of the "unseen one" (Hades) in the form of individuals who act as archetypal emissaries of the sleeping collective unconscious.  

The more individuals that do non-violent activist work, the more of them we will find in groups.  They all are role-makers for the heresy that will become the ultimate crack in the Jupiter (arbiter of jurisprudence and god of hubris) Saturn (swallower of creative issue; the homeostatic principle inherent in ruler ship) and Neptune (the developing obscuration of truth and the astounding oblivion in which we have lived for decades, having reached majestic proportions at this time.  Today's heresy is tomorrow's status quo.

In the personal psyche, if one is not aware of one's own Shadow side it is then projected out onto others;  the "other" conveniently removes personal responsibility and thus, in a cultural arena, can become a blame-culture. Again, this is normal in an abnormal situation.  The resulting mayhem through a representative or envoy of that which is not spoken is both awesome and worrying.   For example, mass murders by the week are the conduit of the United States' actions in the greater world, into its own society.  Those actions must be 'outed' –  Pluto brings a   homeopathic dose of the illness of the world-body.  

Pluto the harbinger of truth: the Feminine face of Hades

We each must examine our own personal secrets and "out them" even in the privacy of our own mind.  Pluto will come up through the floorboards with the information whether we like it or not.  Pluto is also the archetype of "loss of innocence" in that he stole youth and innocence, and inducted Persephone into her power.  So, let's work on the rising of the truth, and the lessening of the secrets. How?  I do not know ("we are still gathering facts").  

There are primary female attendants in the realm of Hades, the chthonic goddesses, earth goddesses:  Hekate a dark moon image, the Moirai (the Three Fates - Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos , who spin, weave and cut our fated lives), the Erinyes (the Three Furies – Alecto, Megaera, Tisiphone (who punish those whosoever has sworn a false oath) (Persephone (the link, conduit between the upper air and the lower realm)  though she was part time, was wedded to Hades), and Styx, the nymph of underground river of the same name.  The river we cross to enter the place of soul and secrets. Is the rising of the feminine from the realm of Hades to be our salvation?.  Do they act as "outers", are they playing a mythic archetypal role in the release of mystery and secrets?  Will the Moirai spin, weave and cut a new fabric for our upper world?  Can we change our fate and shape our destiny?  I think so.  Will the role of the Erinyes as the "pursuers of those who have sworn a false oath", arrive? Truth is a great healer, and when we tell, hear and awaken to the truth, we are liberated.  Not everyone is dedicated to this truth-telling, truth-seeking archetype indeed, few are, and the majority of the world is unable to indulge in this philosophical pastime

The ancient god Hades is not really a god, but a 'place'. A place where people go between incarnations. Hades was not a bad god, but an unfortunate one, since he drew the short straw, in which his brothers, Jupiter got the skies for his domain, and Poseidon the seas, the underground waterways and earthquakes.  These are the three gods/planets/archetypes that are forming the grand trine, engaging in a private discussion, circumambulating the global conversation.  However Pluto/Hades is bringing to the fore and awakening the sleeping giant of ultimate outcomes.  

Pluto/Hades or "Dis" (rich/wealthy) as the Romans called him, is the guardian of Gaia's wealth.  He holds in his core, all of earth's resources: animal, mineral, vegetable.  And, as such, he is a overarching symbol for the ecology of our planet, and the multitudes of earth's gifts and species.

This immediately brings to mind that Pluto may well be the spokesperson for the ecological movement.  Particularly that it is the planet who is the exit point of the current grand trine!  Pluto is warning us that we are running out of time, we are reaching critical mass, and must be aware that the river Styx is not that far.  The Plain of Oblivion is what we are now crossing, en route to the 'other side'.  We must pay the ferryman, Charon, a bit more than one drachma.

Not all climate change is man-made, there is a new-ish geological / anthropological term that is brilliant:  that currently we are in the Anthropocene Era, where Humanity has more influence over Nature than the reverse.  However, I am also aware that we are undergoing a natural planetary evolution.  One day there were 5,000 Neanderthal in the south of France, and the next week there were none.  It happens.  So, planet evolutionary actions are quite natural.  Tectonic shifts, continental drifts, climatic changes, species extinction and so on.  Planetary solar system configurations don't really have anything to do with this . . . they do, however, describe the reactions to their configurations and the global/psychological responses and subsequent earthly experience of a tsunami, earthquake, horrible storms and so on.

However, it is well known that we have hastened an alarming reality.  Plutonium is named after Pluto . . . the contributors to the Periodic Table of Elements have a mainline into the sympathy between new elements and their properties and named many of them after the discovery of Uranium the trans-Uranians.  Marie and Pierre Curie were good people, but horrified and also glorified by their radiant discoveries.  It is not science to blame, scientists do not on the whole set out to destroy the world and kill millions of people – they just love science and are in love with the mystery, and set out to further the well being of people.  Julius Robert Oppenheimer was moved to tears and quoted Shiva in the Bhagavad-Gita, "Now I have become death, destroyer of worlds", after the Trinity Atomic Bomb Test July 16, 1945.  Oh yes, humanity has extended its grasp.

We have had many known nuclear disasters since then, and as I write, I assume there will be more as we  build to critical mass.  Pluto exiting, "outing" the grand trine of "nothing is going" on does hold the threat of nuclear issues.  I am reluctant to explicate what I am seeing because I don't want you/people to start panicking and imaging the worst.  Unless you have, but don't dwell on mushroom clouds.  There is little we can do about a global problem of this proportion.  I myself have a method of allowing myself to know this, but work on keeping my vision directed beyond, further than the fear.  Since I was a child, the nuclear threat has been a popular scare tactic, but now it has become a dire potential, due to decay, lack of maintenance, and so on.  Also, there are people stupid and evil enough to actually consider using nuclear weapons in their hands.

By the time you read this you will have heard of more The more who speak out, the more who will speak out.  Our most recent fascinating story is Bradley Manning, who is the most recent major "anarchist/heretic" victim.  He was arrested in May 2010 just as the first Uranus Neptune square began forming, by Aug 1, 2010 there occurred the now famous Major T-Square involving Saturn/Mars square in opposition to Uranus/Jupiter  and T-squared by P.  And, Julian Assange who was portrayed by prosecutor's as a "information anarchist"  preceded him, as we know – in fact, Assange first opened the most secret door – mass information on the government and its secrets within secrets, and changed the internet permanently  . . . it is becoming lunacy.  We now have disclosures by the day . . . followed by "I don't know" or "No that is not true" or "We are still gathering facts" , etc.

Pluto is the archetype of the "unseen one", of the ancient Greek 'hades, the keeper of darkness and the god of the underworld.  So, we must ask, who is the underworld?  Who are the actual criminals?  We are not only in a precarious position, but also a seriously interesting time.  

The most amazing aspect of Manning's emergence of government secrets, and the fact of his  opening his own secret and declaring himself transgender and request surgery and hormone treatments, etc., and be called and his name is Chelsea Manning.  This is fantastic!  He has been declared guilty of charges, and sentenced to 35 years.  How he will survive prison as a person of transforming gender in Leavenworth is beyond me.  But his metamorphosis brings to mind the feminine surfacing from the realm of the dark and unknown.


The intellectual and positive emissaries of information and truth, the  activists who are emerging out of the science of global sustainability (home safety) are part of the positive aspect of Jupiter in cancer in the grand trine. The opposition from it to Pluto, means that Jupiter could be the key to what we can expect from Pluto.  Under great risk of the man-made laws, Jupiter will urge Pluto (the opposition from the grand trine) to change laws, work on opening the doors to what is ironically called "transparency"

Truth: Personally

Jupiter in Cancer in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn – the archetypes of the sky above and the core center below are having a tête-à-tête.  One hopes that over the next while, that this engagement, this meeting of heaven and earth truly is a mediation of opposites. Cancer and Capricorn represent the primordial marriage of parental figures, Cancer mother, Capricorn  father.  We on earth stand in between these two planets (as they oppose each other with the earth as the middle point) while they work to bring out the secrets of the grand trine mentioned earlier.   So, if truth is the only balance for suppression or lies, perhaps the "good parents" will come to liberate us from our contemporary folly.

Jung called this process of natural correction of imbalance in nature "enantiodromia".  This lovely word means that if any kind of force becomes too heavily weighted, and not in equilibrium, it will flip to become its opposite.  Now Jung was speaking of mediation of opposites, and the restoration of balance in the psyche, whereupon the Shadow can emerge from repression of psychic contents and will transmogrify into psychological and personal darkness.  Keeping that in mind, darkness is now overemphasized, glorified, even, and thus any lack of balance must cathect into something more positive to gain psychic wholeness.  There are many people in our world who are working on this in innumerable ways, both tangible and ideologically.

We are looking at our own personal self-preservation. Which is self-consciousness.  Self-preservation is a microcosm of global preservation. The increasing awareness that science and philosophy are bringing to the individual is precisely what could reduce, if not actually flip, the current appalling daily drain on Pluto's wealth, Gaia's reserves.  Deeply secreted in our personal psyche is a place of knowledge, and in that place lies the truth.  We can open that door and examine our own values, beliefs and fears . . . truth does set one free, if a bit unsettling.  

The majority of the world population is in survival mode so it truly is a time for truth seekers and tellers, of the 'developed countries'.  Thus, it is incumbent upon those of us who have the privilege, the fated gift, the consciousness and the capacity to change the course of the stream of loss, to do something.

Wherever this complex configuration overlies your own horoscope will give you a hint in which way you need to be brutally honest with yourself, about yourself.  The trine will be in three of your natal houses, and Pluto in the opposite house from Jupiter. So, there is a personal conversation going on within your psyche that is just that:  personal.  How can you yourself be more ecological with your energy, time, emotions, relationships, secrets and imbalance?  Your private, interior values and goals need to be ruminated on and in due course, birthed.  The process of individuation is a life work, the magnum opus, and the degree to which you improve yourself, is the degree to which you contribute to global improvement.  Dwelling on the negative forces is not a good idea, however being aware of the imbalance of forces is necessary.  

A little humility goes a long way, and in a time of political hubris, the more honest we are the less we are likely to experience depression and free-floating anxiety.  The meaning of melancholy is:  melan (Gk black) cholos (Gk rage.  Oh, how awful.  This is another balance we /you / I need to strike . . . be realistic, keep informed, be detached in an emotional way, and conscious in an intellectual way.  Occasional suffering on behalf of the majority of humanity is good, normal and healthy. To dwell in the pool of hatred, war, black rage, revenge is to feed the wolf.

The Grand Trine Planets in Signs

The grand trine is saying to each of us as it overlies our own horoscopes:  

Jupiter in Cancer:  care for your 'family', your most intimate tribe, be honest about your feelings, but not brutal in the telling of them. In fact, you don't have to tell anyone . . . it is your personal work.  Families are the core of society, society is the core of culture and so on . . . these are our family threads as they are spun, woven and cut by the Three Moirai. They are daughters of Nyx, darkness and night.   Water is intimately related to families and fate . . . the fate we know is not even the surface tension of the uniqueness of your DNA as it is arranged mysteriously in the ancestral line.  Family secrets always out, and this may well be a time for individuals to discover their ancestral legacy, and metahistory.

Saturn in Scorpio:  well, which is a secret in itself!  Be aware of any impending depression, and do not try to suppress it.  It will out!  Saturn is about control of the negative, not subjugating of the positive. So be realistic about your own need to control – you cannot control others, you can only control your responses to others.  In this Saturn serves well, to offer the containment for our private conversation – the one we all have with ourselves.  Saturn is in 'mutual reception' to Pluto.   Saturn is in Scorpio ruled by Pluto, and Pluto is in Capricorn, ruler of Saturn . . . they are in a dance in which secrets between their essences are being shared.  This is a 'good thing' I think, that we have not only the exit of the grand trine as a truth teller, but we also have a supporter of this truth, in the form of Saturn in Scorpio.  Between them and their relationship in the Kite formation, the truths are more available to the mind.

Neptune in Pisces:  This is an interesting transit because we have only known one revolution of Neptune around the sun.  So, our historical awareness has only now just begun.  But, there are some hints in this position:  Neptune's archetypes are shape-shifters, they are the coyotes, the things in the wind, water, air  . . they are implied, hinted at, suggested, obfuscated . . . nothing is terribly clear except the fact that Neptune has proven both to resonate deception as well as absolution.  Neptune also is reflected in toxins, such as poison gasses, poison itself, invisible forces – such as rays, viruses, bacterium, and so on.

The 2,160-year Piscean Era (Neptune ruled)  is concluding, and you are not responsible for this shift of epochal cycles.  However, if there is such a thing as parting the veil of Neptune's theatrical scrim, then we might just see who/what is behind it.  It is time for dialoguing with a good mentor, therapist, analyst, astrologer for insight into the invisible and how you can use this phenomenal time to break repetitive (addictive) complexes.  Many psychological issues are addictions in themself, if we identify with them "my anxiety" "my depression" "my phobia" . . . All of which can be positive directives to greater self-knowing, if they are not clinical, but instinctive. They are real, yes, but they are not necessarily bad . . . they often reflect normal anxiety to an abnormal situation.  This is a time to become more 'impersonal' in a way, not unfeeling or anti-social, but more multi-dimensional and universal; while still retaining compassion, self-care with a bigger perspective than our own needs.  It is also a time to gather in a tribal sense, and do that with positive intent.

Dulling your consciousness with pharmaceutical or trailer-made drugs, excessive alcohol, harmful psychological substances, and so forth, is not going to make reality go away.  And, you may be asleep when the good news comes. Spirituality is not a sledgehammer, so find a spiritual core in yourself, and you may find peace of mind. You will find others who understand.  There is a positive message:  we need a cosmology to relate to, a larger, more vast relationship with our self and our world:  and a context for that experience so we can identify with the greater whole.   

In this way, astrological information is revealing in that we are more able to see our life in a bigger perspective, and more unique deeply personal way.