The kamikaze crashing of the World Trade Center, in such an ingenious, strategically brilliant fashion, indeed, is a major event - one which would take thousands of astrologer's individual data/delineations to bring to any sense of meaning.

My own thoughts and astrological observations are limited for the reason that we need to find meaning in the whole... and the 'event' we are looking at is one that has been coalescing for years - many, many years... but the 'small' picture has a flavour of Mars Rx in Sagittarius and SA•PL with JU !

My contribution in brief:

Refer to "Love and War in Times of Chaos: Mars Retrograde Cycles in 2001"

"What rough beast, its hour come round at last, now slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?".... -- WB Yeats -- "The Second Coming"

During the three days leading up to the attack, September 8 to 10, 2001, the final planning stages on the part of the attackers were in place, being monitored and measured and, ultimately enacted. On the 7th of September, the planet Mars passed back over the degree at which it had stationed-retrograde on May 12th. By the time the Wolrd Trade Center attack occurred, Mars had left Sagittarius after a sojourn of half the year!

All the planetary aspects that have coalesced to define this event need to be seen in the context of a whole-system astrology, and the cycle of Mars Retrograde plays the most significant role as a single factor.

The entire cycle began back in March, on the 18th, when Pluto Stationed-retrograde with Mars conjoined it, at 15 degrees Sagittarius (this is the degree at which Mars would Station-direct on July 20th). Within the whole cycle there are specific aspects that occur, the sun opposite to Mars being the 'turning point'... this occurred on June 13/14, which was the Genoa riots over "anti-globalism" - not bad for acting out the planetary symbolism. The symbolism need not be overworked to see the meaning in that.

The heating up of the international scenario is encapsulated within this Mars in Sagittarius cycle... a time which encompassed six months of 2001 (half the year!), and only now has just ended.

The station-retrograde point of Mars at 29 degrees/03 minutes of Sagittarius (May 12th) only began the international ferment, and during the week of its station in May, the planet Jupiter opposed Pluto... which is the most volatile of aspects when it comes to power struggles.

Mythical in its flavour, Jupiter, the 'sky god', stands in direct confrontation with Pluto, the 'unseen one', the god of the underworld, or the shadow of the collective psyche. The overblown and 'righteous' characteristics of Jupiter gives each party the messianic consciousness needed to annihilate the other. (The Srx of Mars fell at the inverse midpoint of the WTC chart's JU•SA, which is also an indication of the war of the titans... surely the 'enemy' is as clever and as powerful as the USA).

As the Jupiter/Pluto opposition occurred coincident with the Mars Srx, the US began to obfuscate its international relations by using the tawdry Condit 'scandal' as a media-mask obscuring all international affairs and news (the Condit/Levy story occupied all news fronts in the domestic USA from May 5th through 28th August).

Now, from international news sources, we know the US was actively involved in international conflict all through the summer of 2001, both in Afghanistan and Iran, and by the time Saturn moved to 12 degrees of Gemini, and opposed the stationing - actually SD, Pluto (24th August, 2001), on August 5th, this plan against the US was well underway and in the most significant strategic planning stages. The Station Direct of Pluto on the 25th of August was preceded in July by the Mars SD at the same degree at which it conjoined Pluto Srx back in March! On July 20th, Mars SD at 15 Sagittarius, while Saturn began its opposition to Pluto!

Thus, the whole of August was involved in this tense, frightening conflict between the status quo (US) and the 'underworld powers' (those "unseen ones"), and the triggers by the stations of the two planets that are really the keys, Mars and Pluto both in Sagittarius moving back and forth each other, dramatized by the Jupiter opposition then the Saturn opposition, simply hotted up the situation.

These aspects would have produced something, that much is predictable, but what it has produced is yet to be seen in its fullness. Over the next two weeks, leading to the station Rx of Saturn on the 27th of September, further, leading into the repeat of its opposition to Pluto in the first days of November promise more international tension.

It will not be until June 2002 that this 'small' cycle will be complete in its fullest manifestation. Saturn will oppose Pluto finally in the first week of June 2002, at the same time as Jupiter passes over the degree at which it stationed in early November of 2001.

The station-retrograde of Jupiter on November 3rd actually may prove to be a blessing -- "that which is promised is taken away" -- (from my book on Retrograde Planets) may be just what the world needs for a short reprieve in this major New World struggle.

I have always thought that we were in the Third World War, but I guess there has to be a peak - and this is it.

Looking at the event chart itself, the first 'hit' on the WTC occurred with Jupiter in the MC... just ten minutes after that, the midpoint of Venus/Pluto was ascending (VE•PL=Asc). Well, the powers of 'high' and 'low' are at work. This is not to say that one is good and one is bad, but this is a struggle for the ultimate right and wrong.

By the time that the second tower actually collapsed (circa 10:10 am EDT), Neptune was exactly on the IC of the event chart, with 00.56 Scorpio ascending. Now, Neptune on the IC gives the feeling of total confusion and chaos, which there was and still is today at this writing, the 12th of September. It also speaks of the mystery surrounding the origins and outcome of the event. Neptune has domain over all things uncontained, and the likely outcome of this event will result not only in global conflict but also collective sympathy.

On the mundane level, Neptune rules oil, gas and 'underground streams'... in some sense the 'underground stream' has a source in the USA, that is, this brilliantly executed attack could not have taken place without at least a year and at least, since the March conjunction of Mars and Pluto Srx, of collusive planning between domestic and foreign military-type effort.

This horrific scene has also broken the tension of this past year; 'we' can now project the angst, chaos, confusion and rage upon an event. And, the event will have a long play toward any sense of conclusion.

In some significant level of social consciousness, this is part of the unification of the globe. A 'hit' on the US brings everyone's ears to a sharp prick, and here we are, once again, focussed on the same event, one which has all the mythic imagery of ancient times... including the tarot card, the 'lightning struck tower'.

Thank you, Erin S.