What began in August 2010 is now moving on toward a new comprehension of what we are, what we can do and how to do that.  An important juncture has arrived where we find ourselves in a cultural and global revolution – again.   

Individually each one of us is undergoing a colossal reorganization of values, beliefs, and organization and in the highest form, a relentless exploration of outmoded attitudes.  Our interior revolution is in perfect synchrony with the aspect and cycle of Uranus (foresight, observation and, ultimately, reformation/innovation) and Pluto (the unseen forces of the cosmos and the inner reaches of the psyche; globally Pluto plays out his role as Hades, the unseen one, the guardian of our most precious resources, both personal and planetary).

There are many challenges that our global transits present – still – but we all are now at the stage of the Uranus in Aries / Pluto in Capricorn square where we are no longer shocked, but have assimilated the first two years of the long-term aspect.  Uranus / Pluto cycles are one of longest of the outer planet global transits, and are historically associated with revolution (a turning around) and innovation (a radical development of new information and practical usage of new and necessary ‘tools’ . . . both for enhancement of personal life, and survival in the face of inevitable transformation of the ‘known’.

Cycles are prescient, and the Uranus square to Pluto is the background ‘noise’ that we hear; encoded in major configurations is information on what  that next cycle is about.
In the coming year and a half, we are in the phase of coming to terms with and being less anxious about ‘what is going to happen’.  This point in the long cycle ‘predicts’ that in the next three to four years, our current “now” is going to look seriously outmoded. 

Deeply within we do know what is going to happen.  It is a metalogue – that which is being discussed is also arising.  This year we begin to plan what we can do to act both with conscious intent, as well as external action.  Be that in small ways or great, there is some understanding of the significance of massive change beyond our control.  Also there is greater understanding that we can manage and regulate our personal individual reactions, responses and move to a new level.

This cycle is a long one, and a turning point in civilization as well as in our own consciousness.
Historically the Uranus / Pluto cycles have brought major breakthroughs and originality in all archetypal representations of human endeavor:  art, literature, philosophy, religious organization, medicine/health, use of resources, architecture (more sustainable).  In short we are in a time of and mass rejection of limits to originality. 

Find your Heretic Within

Many if not most of my clients want desperately to connect with this revolution in a significant way, through their vocations/careers, families, relationships, and there deeply held beliefs.  It is entirely possible to have interior heresy that irrupts into consciousness as a feeling of utter and necessary change.  How, is the question, and the astrology of the times, as overlaid on a personal horoscope tells me in which way is this individual person experiencing the global demand – the planetary demand!

Today’s heresy is tomorrow’s status quo.  In my Oxford English Dictionary (the Complete edition) the word “heresy” Middle English: from Old French heresie, based on Latin haeresis, from Greek hairesis “choice” (in ecclesiastical Greek 'heretical sect'), from haireomai 'choose'.  In short it means:  an opinion profoundly at odds with what is generally accepted.

Thus, we are choosing to slowly but surely alter the orthodox to heterodox . . . from the “straight” to the “other” – the alternative that is encoded in the very thing we wish to overthrow.  In my research the word heresy has largely been contained within a religious context!   However being a heretic is about choosing a heterodox path for change against the prevailing orthodoxy!!!

This is not an overnight experience, but by now I think we are in agreement that it is really happening.

I was deeply involved in the heresy of the 1960’s cry to freedom – during which Uranus was in the seed conjunction with Pluto both in Virgo (and Saturn the old guard opposing the heretical necessity – this particular time now, the square, has a haunting theme of that decade, and the reemergence of transformative and dramatic demands.

What was seen or foreseen in that last conjunction cycle is now coming about.  And, we are still here; therefore the end of the world is not nigh. However, the end of the old and worn and non-sustainable is coming.  Keep in mind, this is a long planetary evolutionary cycle, not a transit of Mars which takes about 2 days to transit a degree, giving you a bad mood or a cut thumb . . .. It takes time, and will change again, and again, and again . . .

This is a planetary revolution and evolution toward sustainability, survival and creativity for the future – an evolutionary change in which you may take part.  So find your “heretic” within, and make a choice . . . choose to change, become tensile, not ridged, try to bend toward the change and see if you can help others who do not have the ability or the privilege (most of the world’s population) to engage in change, and to help in any small way!

In this way we are responsible for our own self, and for the greater good and whole.  Be good to yourself first, and then reach out to help others. I wish you a sense of purpose and new directions over the year 2013.