John F Kennedy

By Erin Sullivan
Originally published by Alan Oken’s Corner of the Universe 

B:  May 29, 1917, 3:00 pm, Brookline, MA
D:  Nov. 22, 1963, 12:30 pm, Dallas, TX

The horoscope of the United States’ thirty-fifth president is unique.  With all the planets above the horizon, except Uranus in Aquarius (which is a singleton retrograde planet) in his fourth house of family of origins, and family of creation his ultimate leadership in his family, “The Winner”. The Kennedy family remains the most politically influential family in the US, but JFK’s Uranus shows him to be the focus and living symbol of his eccentric, innovative, exclusive, paradoxical, and tragic pioneering family.  Uranus in its own sign is in a square to the Taurus planets in his eighth house, and with that came both opportunity and danger - Wu Chi in the Chinese symbol.  The family created a paradox in his nature, in that he was both an iconoclast AND a conservative.  The fact that he was the first President to be a non-Mason and Catholic was revolutionary, but some of his politics were old school.

JFK’s Saturn in Cancer at the Midheaven, represents his natural rise to authority from his family dynasty; Saturn also is conjunct Neptune (dreams, social consciousness) thus he captured the imagination and vision of the country, and held and molded the dreams of a generation that changed global consciousness.  With Libra rising, and a Gemini Sun he was gregarious, versatile and socially gifted, however he led a deeply private life – like the “compound” in which his family was sequestered and bred in private.

A chronic back problem had kept him from the Army, but he served active duty in the Navy, receiving numerous medals, honorifics and awards - saving many lives in a deadly and dramatic naval incident, the now famous PT 109.   His Virgo moon in the eleventh house trine Mars in Taurus is the “service” warrior, the steadfast, solid, dependable and heroic leader in a crisis.


Kennedy had a brilliant background, scholastic career, military and political successes; but the public did not know the degree to which he suffered exceptional pain at all times. He once was treated for suspected leukemia – 1935 was the year in which not only was he declared at his elite boarding school, “Most Likely to Succeed”, but also when his body began to manifest multiple symptoms.

A combination of sheer bullish will (Mars, Mercury and Jupiter in Taurus in a creative and easy relationship with his Moon) and a league of physicians, kept him adept at his work and play, even under chronic pain; he was frequently at death’s door, and apparently may not have lived even three to four years after his assassination.

Ultimately, he had developed a complicated disease called “autoimmune polyendrocrine syndrome”, manifesting in Addison’s disease; colitis; hypothyroidism; diabetes type 1, and hypgonadism; digestive; thyroid; kidney and hormonal disorders. That very same Virgo Moon is in a square aspect to Sun/Venus in Gemini, lead to less glamorous experiences than the “reliable hero”. 

The Moon square Venus has layers of meaning, however the sensitivity of his body to a host of illnesses with Kennedy’s stellium of planets in the eighth house – in part –represent, sexuality; death; the ‘underworld’; inherited and corporate financial resources; DNA: genetic illness and behavioral complexes – all family related!  The family itself was beleaguered with secrets, death and deadly diseases yet the mystery of this dynamic family captured the hearts and imaginations of the world - a mythic family - in fact, one that has had the most dramatic and tragic fate.

Autoimmune system enhancers have side effects.  With zero testosterone, when boosted, led to his constant need for sexual release. His notorious affairs with women are part of this eighth house stellium because sexuality and sensuality are both Scorpio/Taurus and eighth house realms. When it came to sex, he was an Olympian god.  Zeus-like, he wooed and won hundreds of women – but did not form intimate relationships.

JFK’s Moon in Virgo in a square to Venus, mentioned as part of his hormonal and kidney problems, also addresses a split in his anima – the “inner feminine” of a man.  This aspect signifies a rupture in his psychological relationship with his mother, who herself was split between being matriarch and also goddess.  The Moon (the Ideal Woman-Wife archetype) in a hard aspect to Venus (Independent Goddess archetype) plagued Jack by his need for both.  Marilyn Monroe and Jacqueline Bouvier personified his Moon/Venus tension, his needs both for the safety of wife and hearth, as well as the projection of Marilyn as the Sex Goddess.

Libra rising, Venus ruled, he was the epitome the “beautiful people” of the 1960’s ethos; a force to contend with when it came to civil rights and defense of freedom of the people.  But his Gemini Sun and Venus brought a paradox to his policies and a duality to his actions:  he funded and supported the civil rights movement, but he also funded Viet Nam; he was a warrior, and Cuban Crisis and the Russian “problem” his moment of terror; he returned the “Green Beret” to Special Forces, yet was posthumously awarded the Pacem in Terris Award “Peace on Earth”.  Ironic?  Iconic!

There is no doubt that John Kennedy embodied the most dramatic aspects of his family, as well as exemplifying the complex times during which he presided – for three short years, 1036 days - as Commander in Chief of the United States

Kennedy became an icon.  His charisma, charm and capacity for mediation, seduction, the “right people” and subtle political maneuvering remains historical – he held both glamour and power, conservative and liberal values and remains one of the three greatest presidents. 

Though his assassination remains shrouded in mystery his life was luminous and full of excitement, future, progress and pioneering.  Just six years after he introduced the Apollo project, men walked on the Moon, as he had predicted; civil rights continue to play uppermost in the US arena; and everyone alive then, remembers where they were on November 22, 1963!