Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein’s horoscope has some classic scientist signatures! Visionary and sensitive Pisces is frequently in the mathematical/astronomical science if it is well contained, as is Einstein’s Sun in Pisces. For instance, Mercury (mind) is with Saturn (discipline, control and research) in pioneering Aries – he has the capacity apply his visions to practical outcomes and after a difficult early life, found discipline and gained authority in his science.

Born: 14 March 1879, 11:30 am in Ulm, Germany
Died: 15 April 1966, 1:15 am, in Princeton, NJ USA

Pisces is attuned to intangibles - to signs, symbols, portents, mysterious visions; and potentially, the capacity to render the invisible into working systems – such as energy, wavelengths, harmonics, spectra, music, atomic particles, metaphysical experiences, and so on.

Einstein believed himself to be a vessel of a divine principle. His Pisces Sun in a creative sextile to Pluto indicates that his mind was an agent on behalf of the “unseen”, and a resource of great wealth. Someone once said to him, “You are a genius, all your ideas are brilliant!” To which Einstein replied, “No, I just have lots of ideas, some of which have been brilliant.” It was this combined capacity for complex thinking and high intuition that distinguished him as an ingenious innovator.

Einstein Natal ChartEinstein’s early life was exceptionally inauspicious; but lacked either the desire or the need to speak. He was considered to be ‘subnormal’ and mentally retarded because he did not speak at all until age three and then, not fluently till age nine. Yet, by age thirteen he had read Euclid’s “Geometry”, and the philosopher Kant! Uranus in Einstein’s third house is a symbol for his erratic mental attributes and unacceptable social behaviors in the first sixteen years of his life; Uranus is associated also with genius and flashes of innovative and brilliant imagery and concepts – but needed to meet a level of education and information that actually excited the level of his own genius. He was expelled from school for being a disruptive influence at sixteen; he could not conform, he liked to play, which is how he approached his science later in life. It wasn’t until seventeen, at a highly structured, disciplined Swiss school in Zurich that he graduated, becoming a math teacher. Uranus in his third house of “early education” is disruptive and chaotic, but Jupiter in Aquarius in his ninth house of “higher mind/ education” is excellent – entire universes of ideas and originality! brilliance. Having the planet Jupiter in his ninth house of advanced mental activity and knowledge, shows a love of the mind, ideas, laws, ethics, freedom of thought and international involvement in academics and ideologies . . . Jupiter is exactly opposite to Uranus, squared by Pluto, (a “T- Cross”) this complex shows Einstein’s capacity to comprehend, and apprehend, advanced, innovative previously unknown science principles. In fact, it was at his Saturn Return in his vocation house “fame” sector, in 1907, at twenty-eight, when he discovered the big “Bleep” – e=mc2. – The equation for “energy and matter being aspects of a single phenomenon”. In short, he was a modern day alchemist, Sir Pisces with Sagittarius Moon – the earthbound dreamer wandering in the mystical realm of ideas.

Social skills were never important to him, but he was humanitarian. Einstein was not unaware of the implications of his discovery and its potential as a weapon of mass destruction (his predecessor, Marie Curie said, “This has the potential to both cure and kill”, when she discovered Uranium – she had the her sun opposite, the yet unseen Pluto). Apparently Einstein warned Roosevelt about the Atomic Bomb, saying, “The release of atomic energy has not created a new problem. It has merely made more urgent the necessity of solving an existing one.” He was the first to suggest a UN meeting, and Robert Oppenheimer, his successor, also attempted to sequester the nuclear bomb.

Jupiter in his ninth house (ideology, foreign countries) in trine to his idealistic and adventurous Sagittarius Moon foresaw the terror of his native land, and he left Hitler’s Reich and Switzerland behind and moved to Princeton. He sponsored masses of refugees from Germany to the USA, after becoming a US citizen in 1936. A Zionist, he advocated state of Israel. But, he loved his own freedom so much he rejected the offer to become President of Israel in 1952! Again, in the light of his individualistic tendencies, and fear of being “trapped” or confined (Sun Pisces along with his Jupiter (freedom) opposite Uranus (more freedom) square Pluto (fear of being controlled by dictatorship or unseen dark forces. Einstein had Hades/Pluto (the “Unseen One”) and dreamy Neptune in his eleventh house, so it would not suit him to be confined by a political persona. Ironically it would be himself who gave birth to the darkest force, Plutonium. Einstein’s natal Moon in Sagittarius in his sixth house (“job”) – a global citizen image, the international person, the “foreigner”, the stranger in a strange land, whose work is exploring the unknown. His profession, his ethics and beliefs not only took him to several countries, but also allowed him to emigrate and become a US citizen and take up an academic career (Sagittarius) and have a universal, global base of operations – the entire world of science.

Einstein was twice married – he is Cancer (mother/family) rising and his Moon trine Venus, so he had a well-developed feminine content in his psyche. The “feminine” is the capacity to gestate and contain something in mystery, and give birth to unique ‘offspring’. In fact, he and his first wife had a daughter, who “disappeared”, likely had Downes, and likely institutionalized; as well, they had two sons and one of whom died in a mental facility, the other becoming an engineer.

In the end, mystery and intrigue fill this chart; it is full of power and innovation; vibrations and mystical experience; love and loss. The last twenty-two years of his life were spent in virtual isolation from mainstream contemporary physics, while he continued to work on a unified field theory, playing Mozart and Bach at the piano.