Sophie and Edward AstrologyThe horoscopes of Sophie and Edward in comparison show an extraordinary amount of shared values and kinship, very much a sibling-like relationship. Though they are vastly different in their personal, daily habits, and instinctive, responsive natures, their variation is more complementary than irritating to them.

Sophie has a Virgo Moon, while Edward has an Aquarius Moon. . . both these positions of the Moon have an emotional distancing dynamic which allows a lot of room for the other's idiosyncracies - and also demonstrates their mutual distaste for cloying, emotionally charged and enmeshed relationships. The Virgo Moon of Sophie is close to the planet Uranus, which is the ruling planet of Edward's Moon in Aquarius. Each of them has the capacity to compartmentalize their instinctive reactions, feelings and address them 'later', as opposed to 'immediately'. Since each of them has very different occupations from the other, this is probably the most important aspect in the longevity of their marriage. Both Sophie and Edward view each other as interesting, unique, independent and safe - wholly trustworthy in partnership.

Prince Edward's Moon is in a square to the planet Venus in the seventh house of marriage. The Moon and Venus are the feminine archetypes in the planetary sphere. More so than many people, Edward's marriage aspect is directly linked to his family pattern, especially to his mother's psychological makeup. The Square from the Moon to Venus symbolizes a split between the two archetypal functions of the feminine component in the psyche. The 'anima', in other words. For Edward, the split is between the 'goddess' and the 'earth mother'. His anima, his archetypal 'woman within', is distinctly of two natures. This personal characteristic is likely the main contributor to the widely publicized reports of his being gay - being equally and fervently denied by Edward himself. The secret and totally veiled nature of the planetary patterns in Edward's horoscope reveal a dichotomy, just as I describe, but not a predilection toward either homosexuality or heterosexuality. There remain some mysteries in life, after all.

However, Venus in Taurus, his mother's Sun sign, does suggest that his earthy, sensual and loving nature is bound to his mother's power and is directly linked to the split or the duality of the soft, tender, nurturing self and his other, more cool, distant and emotionally protective self. The Queen herself must have struggled with this inner split - the goddess Queen versus mummy - at important times in her own and her children's lives. Edward's anima, via his Aquarius Moon and Taurus Venus, tells us that he, like his brother Charles, felt he suffered from a lack of affection and warmth in his early childhood days. So, Edward has a dichotomy between the warm loving nature of Taurus, and the cool, distant nature of Aquarius. It is Edward's Venus that finds safety and nourishment with Sophie's abundance of earth sign planets.

Queen Elizabeth's Venus is conjunct Edward's Mars/Chiron conjunction. The feminine function of feeling and creativity in Edward is strong, and lively. His mother, by position, family order, status and the Fates themselves, could not have fulfilled Edward's needs for love and nurture, and the Venus/Chiron contact between them shows that both of them have been mutually wounded by that situation. The contact also shows that their mutual wounding in the area of affection can be healed through each other's maturing years together.

Edward is a consolation to his mother, but he must find ways of separating from her in a psychological fashion. Elizabeth's Ascendant is exactly at his Immum Coeli, the fourth house cusp, which is the point in the chart where the family legacy is found - she may secretly have favoured him. He would have idolized her, as well as longing for more fathering - thus the patterning of relationship formation has likely been private, unorthodox, and very individual. The parental images in the chart do not support his deepest needs, hence he will have had to find creative ways of meeting his emotional needs. Clearly, this has played a strong role in his attraction to, affection for, and selection of Sophie as his life-mate.

There is also a significant link between the horoscope of the late Princess Diana and Edward's. He shares two signatures: Libra rising, and an Aquarius Moon. He, too, has worked hard to come into his own, finding a niche which suits him personally, but all done in a very diplomatic, highly civilized manner. He has the similar characteristic to Diana of gracious equanimity. He hopes to achieve the middle ground at all times, and rarely will his ire rise in a public forum. He was undoubtedly deeply, personally bereft when Diana was killed.

Edward's Sun, the masculine principle in the horoscope, is in Pisces, trine to the planet Neptune. This aspect is the creative, dreamy and highly fanciful side of Edward, which is likely where his survival instincts reside. This hopeful quality is the core of his energy and psychological fuel. The Sun also represents the father archetype, and the Sun trine Neptune symbolizes a father who is hard to grasp, a man distant but benevolent, a man who occupies a role in Edward's life which is mythologically large, but shape-shifting. This does not mean that Philip and Edward have a bad relationship, not at all, but that Edward idealized his distant father, and incorporated his father's dreams as his own. Indeed, in his own way, through having to find his own purpose within the structure of the royal family nest, and matriarchal dominance, Edward is more like Prince Philip than one might imagine.

The Sun in Pisces is not the only factor in his male individuation process - he has Mercury, Mars and Chiron there as well. Coming of age for Edward in the classic adolescent sense, was hugely traumatic. Coupled with the normal turbulence of the fourteen/fifteen year old body and soul, he had particularly trying aspects from transiting planets at the juncture in life. One wonders if Edward had a very hard time being as sensitive and as creative as his horoscope shows him to be. It is likely that he employed his Aquarius Moon to cut himself off from the emotional turmoil, and split off from the pressures of his body, adopting a world of imagination and creativity.

It is this sensitive and empathic component of Edward's psyche that provides Sophie with the love and understanding she herself needs. Interestingly, she comes from a 'salt-of-the-earth' family, and she herself exemplifies the pragmatic, sensible and un-histrionic horoscope - but she also has innate class - thus, she is both a woman of substance as well as being socially adept.

Both Sophie and Edward were born under the generational aspect of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction. These years, the period from 1964 through late 1965, were the years of social revolution, which still resonate today, at the turn of the millennium. The placement of the aspect of social revolution is powerfully linked to personal placement in both their horoscopes. This indicates that they are both revolutionaries.

Revolutionaries can be quiet. They are not always rude and incendiary. These two revolutionaries are the quiet type, subtle, and are about changing the system from within. Benign moles, as it were. In a time of crisis and change in the royal family, these two young people have appeared to step aside from the furore, moved outside convention and are moving toward something unique. The huge uproar that his elder brother, Charles, found himself spearheading, albeit unconsciously, was the manifestation of the most aggressive of the generational aspects since WW II. Charles was both a victim and voice of the collective. Whereas Edward is the silent transformer - he represents the 'after the storm' position in the family.

Edward's Moon in the fourth house also is an agent for family dynamic reorganization. . . it is the result of long, private, inner change within himself, and the dramatic events in the nineties for the family as a system. This he shared with Diana, who also had Moon in Aquarius in the fourth house, the aspect which defined her unconscious role in the family as the 'circuit breaker'. The lunar position shows his move away from the strictures and limits of his family. This is done in an humane way, not in a harsh fashion, and thus, his linking to Sophie has created a perfect 'safe house' for them to build their lives individually and as a couple. It appears that Edward's agency for change will be less stressful for him and his family, especially his wife-to-be.

Although Sophie has an Aquarius Sun, she is primarily an earthy individual. That is, she has four planets in the sign of Virgo, two in Capricorn and one rising in Taurus (if the time given is near correct). This says she loves to be useful, loathes weakness and helplessness unless it is due to oppression or disaster. She is terribly sympathetic to the underdog, if they have not contributed to that social placement themselves. Thus, she is only supportive of genuine distress, not whingers! She is a true humanitarian - she loves people at arm's length. She has a lot of control over her own world, and only the select might cross over into it. Her tenth house Sun in Aquarius is her capacity for separating her public life from her private life, and she will protect that fiercely.

Her four planets in Virgo - Moon, Uranus, Pluto and Mars - all oppose Edward's planets in Pisces. This is a true meeting of opposites - a mysterium conjunctio - symbolized in alchemy as the fusion of the alchemical King and Queen to create the homunculus. In the bath of the alembic, the King and Queen merge to become androgynous, a sole hermaphroditic essence.

Her Sun in Aquarius meets Edward's Moon in Aquarius - this configuration is a classic lifetime friendship, and Carl Jung found that a predominance of married couples, who remained in marriage, had some combination of Sun/Moon conjunction. Now, undoubtedly they row as any normal couple, but the rows will come to completion and result, rather than fester and pollute the relationship as a whole. She is, by conventional standards, the stronger character and persona of the two, but this is not to say Edward is weak. He most definitely is not. He is profoundly strong willed and has soundly established opinions and a world-view, but he is not assertive about forcing these feelings on others. He is not a fighter, but indeed, may need to work on his aggression. He might be more inclined to swallow his rage and suffer from that. I would think that Sophie, too, has found herself swallowing her own anger at times, and may not find it except when she has to defend her self and family. She has a much more volatile aspect with the god of war, Mars, than does Edward.

The Relationship: The Composite Horoscope of Sophie and Edward

Briefly, the composite horoscope is derived from a calculated combination for two individual's horoscopes, producing a separate horoscope. (Figure 3). This midpoint horoscope is the actual relationship and its needs, as if it were a third entity formed between the two people involved. All relationships create a separate, unique entity which 'houses'; the individuals within that relationship.

The composite horoscope shows us that this is a meeting of equals. Each individual has a personal contact to the relationship chart. . .the Pisces/Aquarius combination in the composite, is replicated in both Sophie and Edward's horoscopes. The relationship 'agrees' with each of them, it is a familiar, thus familial relationship.

The relationship will remain in the fantasy mind of the public - the hoi polloi will never really know what is going on. Neptune's position assures that - they are all things to all people. This is not a problem, because the personal of the relationship is a foil for their private lives, which are completely masked. Any projection of the public will not harm them within the container of the relationship itself.

They might be stung or annoyed by the populace or the paparazzi, but they will not be tortured by them. The composite shows an emotionally private union. The composite Moon is in Scorpio, so they will remain a mystery to the most prying stranger. It may well be this passion for privacy that has allowed them to mature toward marriage in a quiet fashion. They have a rather plodding aspect, as well, which is always a plus in a committed relationship. The conjunction of Venus and Saturn is a key to longevity because the dreams do not exceed what they can really create.

That they both share the generational aspect of Uranus conjunct Pluto means that it also appears in the composite horoscope. The composite has the planet Venus in opposition to this Uranus/Pluto conjunction, and that aspect suggests that the relationship protects a very big secret which they harbour together; that the relationship is holding a significant mystery. This 'secret' has to do with their most intimate life, their shared, merged life. They might feel that if the door were opened to this, it would threaten the integrity of not only themselves, but others who are close and dear to them. The 'secret' may not be "something nasty in the woodshed", but like any family with any life at all, there is always a mystery tale in the bookshelf.

Their relationship will likely move solidly along, affording them the space they each need to further their individual and mutual goals. Ultimately, it is a protective and mutual friendship. I hesitate to predict children, however, the relationship itself might require it from them. There is a strong possibility that neither of them deeply desire children, really, but may well have them anyway. It might be that there is a problem with 'creative issue' in the most fundamental area of creation, that being offspring. The same astrological aspect that depicts the 'secret' may be that either they cannot or choose not to have children, or if they do have children, those children will be related to, but not enmeshed in the royal family.