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Dec. 2011/Jan. 2012 ISSUE
Noel Tyl’s Midheaven Extension Process (MHEP)

The Midheaven Extension Process helps astrologers to accomplish a most important responsibility: profiling the profession most suited to an individual’s needs, as suggested by the horoscope. The Process is explained in great detail in my book, Vocations, and in the hundreds of examples on my Forum at, with weekly updates and editing of astrologers’ work with this Process. Simply explained, the key is to trace the Midheaven’s deeper orientation through the behavioral needs of an individual by establishing a dominant house point of reference. In other words, where does the Midheaven pick up reinforcement and development within the horoscope? It’s like in baseball where we see a left fielder throw to the shortstop, who in turn throws to the first baseman — they‘re all working together as part of a system. Likewise, in our study of a horoscope, we seek out networks of meaning and repetitive house references. This is accomplished through a consideration of nine factors: 

(1) The channeling of Midheaven energies begins with the MH sign itself. (2) Dispositor dynamics (the planet ruling another planet’s sign) lead back to aspect-contacts with other planets in the horoscope. (Note: The nature of the planets in contact is more important than the aspect itself!) (3) Any planet prominent on (or in aspect to) the Midheaven. (4) Mutual reception, relating to the MH or its ruler. (5) A stellium in the horoscope. (6) The oriental planet (the planet rising just before the Sun in clockwise motion). (7) The house ruled by the oriental planet. (8) Any planet at the Aries Point (any of the four 00° cardinal zones). (9) The house occupied by the Moon.

Note:Signs and customary aspect interpretations play virtually no role in this Process — except for the Moon: Its sign is very important, as are several “keys”formed by planetary pictures. Again, look for repetitive house references. Here is a simple example to illustrate the Process, for Erin Sullivan, the renowned astrologer, author, editor and speaker.  Erin was born on November 9, 1947, at 7:21 a.m. in Vancouver, Canada (Source: AA: Quoted BC/BR.). (See Chart fig 1.) These are the steps in the Process, in abbreviated form:

1. The Virgo Midheaven establishes Mercury (the ruler of Virgo) as our primary “key.” Mercury also rules the 8th house (alternative healing methodologies, as one possibility).

2. Being located in Scorpio, Mercury is in turn disposited by Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio), which is in touch with and in mutual reception with the Sun, which rules the 9th.

3. Jupiter is the final dispositor (in its own sign), suggesting an echo here of the 9th-house focus. Jupiter is in touch with the Moon (by aspect) as well as the Midheaven — greatly important!

There’s more, but, clearly, alternative healing methodologies, probably astrology, and publishing are strongly profiled.

This is the horoscope of astrologer, writer, teacher and editor Erin Sullivan.

— Noel Tyl