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Aspects of Love: The Venus Workshop MP3

Aspects of Love: The Venus Workshop MP3
Price: $40.00

Venus Aphrodite is a dual goddess and this seminar delves deeply into the duality of her classical mythic origins, her role in all aspects of Love and Creativity, as well as a depth delineation of aspects that Venus makes to all planets in the natal horoscope,showing how each person has his or her own unique needs in relationship individuation. Looking in the mirror of our relationships, we often find parts of ourselves otherwise secreted in the depths of our psyche! This seminar reaches into those mysterious places, and illuminates aspects of the Self. This seminar, originally presented in 1985 for the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London, was published in 1995 by CPA Press, as part 1 of 2 parts in the book: Venus and Jupiter: Bridging the Ideal and the Real© Erin Sullivan. 5 hrs. MP3 Format.

Listen to a sample from this workshop:

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"As having had the profound experience of doing your Australian workshop what has impacted me the most is the marriage of your knowledge of the Classics into the archetypal language of Astrology and just what depth, light and understanding it brings to be able to interact with the archetype formed through aspect."
-Ilga Sleja, Queensland, Australia

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