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These lectures focus on the planetary archetypes.
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Cosmic Shamanism: The Advent of the Outer Planets
Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - in your chart and in the sky As an introduction, we will have a brief l..
Hermes-Mercury: Trickster, Teacher, Theos MP3
The true essence of Mercury lies in his origins as an infant, son of Zeus and Maia . . . and his hum..
Intro To Planets
This program features audio originally recorded for the 1986 DVD set Astrology Mythology and the Psy..
Neptune, Pisces and the 12th House MP3
A lecture given at the Fraternity of Canadian Astrologers in 1986, Vancouver, BC. Here we delve deep..
Pluto, Scorpio and the 8th House
A lecture originally with Pegasus tapes, on the depth of meaning found in the symbolism of these arc..
Retrograde Planets - Music of the Spheres MP3
The Solar System is the perfect model of all life-forms, and its planetary motions have an elegance ..
Retrograde Planets in Transit MP3
How to interpret the long periods of time that outer planets spend in one sign, one house. Includes ..
Retrograde Planets Take Manhattan MP3 Audio
Join Erin Sullivan in this fun open forum on Retrograde Planets held online in Manhattan August 2011..
Saturn and the Hero's Journey MP3
This lecture is based from Erin's bestseller: "The Transit of Saturn: Boundaries of Mind, Body and S..
The Justice of Zeus - Jupiter's Morality MP3
For a unique and well grounded view of Jupiter, this lecture tells the whole story of Jupiter as his..
The Mercury Retrograde Workshop MP3
Detailing the fascinating long-range pattern that Mercury Retrograde makes in its cycles. Mercury go..
The Planetary Archetypes MP3
From the "Learning Astrology" series on This 6-class workshop explores the pla..
The Planets in Transit Workshop MP3
A full exploration of the planets in Transit: The Identity Trinity: The Sun, Mercury and Venus - ..
The Sighting of Outer Planets MP3
This 1999 lecture, recorded in Tucson, AZ, details the actual horoscopes of the outer planets: Uranu..
Uranus: The Witness MP3
In this seminar, Erin delves into the mythic origins of Uranus, its sighting, and the social/global ..