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New Moon Month

There has been very unusual Solar/Lunar activity in the last two New Moon's . . . in my last newsletter I mentioned that within two days (January 21 and 22) the New Moon was at 0 degrees of Aquarius, and Mercury stationed retrograde the very next day . . .  this alone has been played out in so many ways, both personally and collectively.  

For each of us, as we find these configurations in our own charts, and see them as new seeds for originality in the area of your chart (the house) where this new moon falls - whether forced upon you or seized by instinct - and the necessity to accept change as a benefit, not an act of psychic terrorism!

Revolution is afoot for all of us now, and it is was very good time for new starts and graceful endings  . . .  For Mercury retrograde interpretations you may review last month's news, and also read the entire article on my Website.

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AND, like last month, we have yet again, a very very distinct New Moon - On February 18th, at 11:48 am GMT, the Sun and the Moon conjoined at 00d 00m of Pisces.  This is a strong symbol for allowing the intuitive to speak clearly, and for us not to ignore that vital psychic place of "knowing" within each of us.  You may find yourself dreaming of a new future, of creating a solid foundation to live out a dream; to experience an excess of emotional responses to what typically, you may have not found so deeply impressive;  the emotional realm is one that originates in our deep feeling and intuitive psychological function . . . and sows a seed for the whole month from the 18th through the 20th of March, the next New Moon - and it also inaugurates the beginning of the Sun in Aries.

This coincidence of two new moons at the ingress (entry) of the sun into a new sign, is only for January (Aquarius) and for February 2015 (Pisces) , because the Lunations - both new and full - move back a degree or so every month . . . so by March the New Moon will be at 29 degrees Aries  . . . and each successive month will drop back a degree, and so on.

If some of you have found your lives to be suddenly and abruptly changed, or your view of your life and world has changed, then you are in in the Harmony of the Spheres.  

We are not only affected deeply by the major configurations, I write about - Uranus and Pluto still in square and Saturn now in its Station rx at 4d Sagittarius, but we on earth are viscerally and cellularly receptive to our solar system action, and most especially to our own Moon orbiting earth, connected to our orbit around the Sun. 

CHAOS:  The Creative Origin of all Things

More so now, than typically, I have been hearing of serious "beginnings and endings" from almost everyone I know, and all of my clients.  Going actively and consciously into an apparent "sudden" movement of change, is the only way through it . . . it is a process, it is not an event.

It is a process of development that involves relinquishing forced power upon any situation, and allowing it to be 'what it is' while actively participating in the change by  saying: "YES, this is actually happening and not only am I in it,  I also am in charge of its outcome."  Whether it be a loss or a gain, is irrelevant, it is how we experience the most archetypal level of Soli/Lunar activity.

The Sun is our focus, the hearthfire of our elegant planetary system, in our own galaxy . . . we gaze at the hearthfire to warm us, to give us radiance and healing . . . the Moon is our very own satellite, that gradually in a full cycle reveals the blinding Promethean knowledge of the Sun:   we watch the Moon as she reflects in phases the glaring light of the Sunn, as it takes her phase shapes forward from new, to crescent, to square, to fullness, and back . . . it truly is a meta-physical experience, and one which we need to use as a monthly guide, if you will, to our own waxing and waning.  

That we are currently in a unique cycle of waxing and waning,  do expect your moods and your projects to behave in erratic ways, allowing for a broad-casting of seeds, and seeing which ones take root.  Forcing any situation at this time is not a very practical use of your drive, desire, passion, energy, life-force and being-ness.   It is a time to be legitimately confused and dazed by the archetypal Chaos that prevails - for now.

Chaos is the genesis of all things, in creativity and in practical matters  There is always a period of "pleroma" - the "full void" - wherein lie all the particles and elements of creation.  It takes time for these particles to cohere into a system, a nuclear system, with a hot core focus of intention, and a creative collection of forces that bring that intention to reality . . . whether that is art or making a new garden, painting your porch, or, even . . . actively sitting and doing nothing!!  There is such a state, by the way, in creation . . I have often spent time actively NOT writing.  You have spent time actively NOT doing but only being.  I have advised people in a panic about not "doing" something, to stop trying, but to just be a human being, not a human doing!  Here's your chance . . .  

Therein lies the core of creation and its emergence into the world of form.  And, in that I wish you a very sensitive, emotional, feeling, creative,  reflecting and contemplating your deepest most real needs for life and living. . . I will be there too!

Celestially yours,

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