1986 San Diego first UAC  !!!

by John Steinberg

This groundbreaking movie of the First United Astrology Congress, in 1986 filmed and directed by John Steinberg has been released!!!!!!

You all must see this, to see where we were in 1986, what we had to say, what we acted like, how we looked (young and beautiful)  - This is a double film you must see (parts 1 and 2) It is on Vimeo, and is surging the astrological community,  . . . I had said in  one of a few of the sections I am in:   "This is the Woodstock of Astrology"  and damned if it isn't the great title!!

This first Astrology (not corporate, but a collusion of AFAN, ISAR and NCGR in harmony (!) took place at the Bahia Bay Resort, in San Diego, and was attended by  people from all over the world.  The top astrologers who still are by and large, still the top astrologers, authors, lecturers and leaders in the spiritual and intellectual world of astrology speak in many different scenes, ad you will recognize the core values and philosophy - in those fresh spring days.

THIS  was the beginning - the ingress of astrology into the global community -  with the spiritually radIcal and dedicated astrologers - many of whom you now know, study with, read, listen to and love - and many of whom have "gone before" . . . this is gripping stuff  . . .  ponder your values, consider your role today, personally and collectively . . . it is an important role you play in today's global astrological forum.

Meanwhile, just enjoy this wonderful reflection on the early and brilliant (I am amazed at us, what my colleagues were saying then)  what a beautiful uplifting flashback    . . .    many of us are still saying it but with a new maturity of thought, we were young and innocent, but who we are then (some of us) lies at the core of our work today.