November 2012 Newsletter

Dear friends, clients and colleagues,

In the light of ‘the way things are’ I want to offer an important service to you at less cost.  As you all know, I have been a vocated personal/global astrologer, counselor, relentless student, educator, specialist editor (astrology and neo-science) and an author in the ancient and sacred work of astrology for 45 years. 

My gift to you for 2013 is a significant discount in my counseling / astrological work and therefore am offering:

Readings Discount90 minute depth consultations for $295  (regularly $325) AND

1 hour focus consultations for $220  (regularly $250)

This special offer is to give more of you an opportunity to guide yourselves through the coming year or so, with a unique and very personal perspective.  As well as to my very dear regular clients a nice New Year gift. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you book your appointment with me for this special fee between now and November 30th, those reduced fees will be in place.

I am offering my discount in my work and service so more of you can gain a greater perspective on your personal life, and how revolution and witnessing (Uranus) and deep cleansing (Pluto) can be maximized in a positive way for you and yours.  We each individuate the collective experience by seeing the planetary patterns in our own charts, and how the transiting (the global experience) planets are urging us to change, activate and accept what our personal life presents.

Welcome to 2013!
In Times of Change – New Perspectives

WoodstockNever in my astrological life have I experienced such a planetary array to wade through . . . I have looked ahead at it over many years, and knew it would be a massive – collectively and individually ­– overhaul of ‘the way things are’ . . . by the 1960’s – in which I was significantly and actively involved in the social and consciousness revolution – I was not alone:  there was an echoing outcry of the youth of the entire world – all with the same message.   We are now in that long predicted time.  And it is a time in which many do feel alone, no collective support or consensus reality.  It isn’t going to last forever, but it is a defining time . . . the Uranus /Pluto square is about re-locating our focus, re-membering our self, re-minding us to be creative in the face of utter change. And it is a major factor in the recreation and ultimately a healer for the anima mundi, the world soul.

Overwhelmed by human and natural cataclysm, I am hearing from more people increasingly in need of some significant personal perspective, a big perspective on their own lives, something real to hold onto and work with.  I am also aware of a prevailing sense of isolation that so many are experiencing – again, a natural response to an overwhelming but unknown condition.  Old patterns die hard, old paradigms shatter with resistance, and the tighter we ‘hold’ ourselves the more stress on our own system.  So in all these years, I find that I cannot change the world, but I can know it better, and feel a true sense of belonging to the times, and understand how to move with them.  Not shatter, but remain integral to Self and world.

RevolutionWe are experiencing a cataclysm.   The root archetype of this word is from the Greek kataklusmos 'deluge', from kata- 'down' + kluzein 'to wash'.  We are in the midst, not the beginning or the end, of a huge “wash down”, a cleansing, a purging of toxicity and waste, in both thought and deed . . . and ecological management.  Earth is having a massive catharsis, a purge . . . socially, culturally, politically, and spiritually. For example, in businesses, I have counseled my professional corporate and business clients over the last five year to be in preparation for these times, and they have benefited by changing their focus from “me” to “us”.

I myself am working with this new and unfamiliar ethos in both inner and social ways.  One example is a collaboration:   on December 9th four astrologers, here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, are coming together to do a fund-raiser for our local Public Radio Station, KSFR.  By each of us sharing our own concerned yet sensible perspective with our neighbors and townspeople, not only will we be creating income for a Public Radio station to keep going, but also we will be sharing our unique perspectives from the same celestial source, to help our people to contemplate a “big picture”.  The 1960’s cry to the world, “think globally, and act locally” comes back to me in a major way.  Primarily we will bring some peace of mind, and potential action within the community.

As we approached 2010, it became obvious that no imagination or configuration of planets could have predicted the astounding details of such chaos and reformation in almost all ways of human experience.  Astrologers knew the archetypes that would arise, and the potential for such an irruption of fury and fear, but not the precise details.  Now we know . . . and with knowledge there can come wisdom, and inner peace.

Our planet has undergone millennia of natural and evolutionary disasters, it is normal, it is just one of the planets in a elegant system . . . our solar system – however, the difference between now and ever before, is that we all know it as it happens.  Everyone knows what is taking place, not only each in his or her own way but also in all aspects of collective education.  Valiant attempts are being made to cope, change and deliver succor but we still have a life to live and a mandate to do that to the very highest of our purpose.  Even if it means quitting smoking, or taking kind care of ourselves, thinking differently or going to group, or studying – there are myriad ways to cope with crisis, and evoke personal change.   

We are all of us involved and each of us can help in small ways.  Those ways are magnified by the numbers of those ‘working the times’.  None of us are really that different from each other, just arranged differently.  Using astrology as it is best used helps you think differently!  Uranus is the overarching vision and prescient mind that we all have; Pluto is the depth of our experience and the inner reaches of the soul . . . Uranus and Pluto are in a square to each other, forming a ninety-degree ‘aspect’ to us on earth.  This archetypal relationship is a stress aspect, which forces confrontation.  It is a huge conversation, a major negotiation between observation and participation.  The observation of the archetypal Uranus is global; the participation in the archetype of death/rebirth is both personal and global. 

Thus, ecology has a larger arena than just toxic waste, and human greed:  it is both human ecology and Gaian ecology.  I don’t have to explain this any further, because you “get it” . . . It is a mistake and a misuse of astrology to “blame the planets” for anything, indeed, we should look to the planets for knowledge and consciousness.  We must have that big conversation within ourselves.  For any expansion of understanding, and navigation through rising waters and tectonic evolution we do experience it personally.    

The planet Saturn has now entered Scorpio for two and a half years, which in plain language means there are ways to utilize our (increasing or apparently decreasing) resources.  The astrological approach and counsel gives a very clear – on the whole – picture of both your inner and outer purpose. 

Clients and friends are asking what they can do as an individual to help in great or small ways.  My colleagues, astrologers and counselors are talking to each other about how best to offer personal advice, how to support positive and useful method for each one to create personal safety, to quell the pervasive anxiety and deal with the most practical aspects of their lives. 
We all are concerned, it becoming increasingly obvious now, after the last few years, that this astounding global and personal revolution does not seem to be in resolution . . . there seems to be ‘no end to it’ as many say.

How long is this crisis of economy, personal safety, and global ‘unrest’ going to last?   Most importantly, how do we move through it with some sense of purpose and lessen the fear.
We are responding normally to abnormal conditions.  This is what Carl Jung called “a collective psychosis”.  

I have noticed increased numbers of people who are hooked into this collective psychosis and are essentially ‘acting out’ the most catabolic characteristics of human nature.  Human nature is vast in its potentials.   We are not ‘crazy’ nor are we imagining things . . . it is all ‘real’ and it is grist for the mill.  We astrologers have a responsibility to use our knowledge in the most objective fashion, regardless of their specialty in this ancient work, which interestingly allows better personal interaction and better information.

I have written in all of my periodic newsletters about this shifting reality, the lack of certainty and the importance of understanding it; so to not become a victim of the collective fear. Fear begets projection . . . and projection is lack of personal accountability. This we cannot sustain, nor will it nurture us.  You cannot control other people’s actions, but you can control your response to those actions or words.

By becoming more aware of yourself – (no, it is not selfish to be self-centered (centered in your Self) – and finding ways to generate kindness in the face of disappointment, generosity in times of poverty, love in the place of hate, acceptance of and consciousness of our own personal part in all our relationships.  Like planets, people do not make you do anything.  This is a fantastic time to realize you can be the human being you truly can be . . . being a human doing is also healing the planet.  

As the I Ching advises, “No blame”.

In the Art of Happiness, the Dalai Lama, one of the most interesting people on the planet, says:
“In generating compassion, you start by recognizing that you do not want suffering and that you have a right to have happiness.  This can be verified, or validated, by your own experience.  You then recognize that other people just like yourself; also do not want to suffer and they have the right to have happiness. So this becomes the basis of your beginning to generate compassion.”

And, to keep you re-minded, I am going to close with a quote from the great contemporary poet, David Whyte:

Start Close In

Start close in,
don’t take the second step
or the third,
start wth the first thing
close in,
the step
you don’t want to take.

The Art of Happiness. pp. 128-29.  His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler, M.D. Riverhead Books. Penguin Group. NYC. 1998.

River Flow.  pp 362-3  David Whyte. Many Rivers Press.  Langley Washington USA. 2007

Upcomging Events

December 7, 2012

I will be presenting at the Lucky Bean Café, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, December 7 at 7:00 pm. Four astrologers will look at 2013 in many aspects of the Signs of the Times  . . . This is a fundraiser for Santa Fe’s local NPR Station, KSFR! As you know, on my website I have many free podcasts – and many are for KSFR, Merrylin LeBlanc’s Saturday program, “Moonwise.”

December 2, 2012

I will be speaking on “Breaking Down the Borders” online global conference. Topic: “Cosmic Shamanism: The Sighting of the Outer Planets”. Go online to read the topic, and sign up for the conference. Breaking Down the Borders . . . the annual global online real-time conference is ON!

IAA Online Astrology Conference 2012: Breaking Down the Borders 2: November 30-December 2, 2012

May 23 – 27, 2013

NORWAC conference in Seattle, Washington, USA (Northwestern Astrology Conference)
I will be giving the keynote lecture on Friday and will present 2 lectures, Saturday and Sunday, as well as a post-conference seminar . . .
It has been a very long time since I have spoken at  NORWAC, and I am excited to see old friends, colleagues and speak for the attendees!! For information and registration,  go to:

Erin Sullivan New Mexico

June 14-16, 2013

Friday evening and Two-Day Seminar:  in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  

I will be presenting a two-day seminar as a capstone for the Certificate Training Course . . . AND it will be open to all who wish to come.  Public are invited and welcome . . .  I will give all the information, location, and registration/Welcome Package information very shortly – on my website under “Events”.   We are still getting the venue and all the information you will want to make your visit to Santa Fe the best!!  If you wish to be first informed, please email me to be on the priority contact list.