Venus Retrograde 2012

May 2012 Newsletter

A Phenomenal Time in our Solar System

Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another interesting planetary season!

It has been a considerable time since I have sent you a newsletter or posted an article or new podcast – however, all is now happening at once. There are lots of “news” in my life: new home, this newsletter, new podcast on the upcoming Venus retrograde ‘Transit of Venus’ on my homepage, new Training Course, new article here, and a new book in the creation. Also, many of you know that I relocated back to Santa Fe, New Mexico from Victoria, British Columbia on January 27th. 

This April 18th – Mars was stationary direct on my midheaven - I began an online real-time Certification CourseWorking With Astrology: Principles and Practice of Contemporary Psychological and Archetypal Astrology.

We are 26 strong - a group of people who are interested, interesting, grounded, variously educated and with multiple backgrounds and interests – one of the students rallied a Facebook page, where they all interact, ask and answer questions and so on. They voted to call this Facebook group “Maieutikos: A depth astrology web forum Maieutic isrooted in the Greek word for ‘midwife’. Midwifing is a term I use for birthing the truth in the horoscope.  By methods of hermeneutics – enquiry and interpretation – the truth is born. Both methods are linked in that Maia (a midwife) is the mother of Hermes (the wordsmith/psychopompos).  Both of whose names are the roots of both evocative terms.

The group is melding well, we are all working hard, making a six-month commitment to focus on contemporary astrology in theory and practice, and finding much to do, say and think. There will be a two-day seminar in Santa Fe, October 13th and 14th which will act as a capstone to the course, but is not mandatory . . . it will open to the public as well.

In January 2012, I will begin a series of online real-time master classes of six weeks each. They will be focus classes in specific subjects such as Retrograde Planets; Cycles of Life; Family Dynamics; Relating; Depth Horoscope Reading: Midwifing the Core complex in the Chart, and other topics. These focus courses will be posted on my website, through my newsletter, and on my professional Facebook page. If you are not on my Facebook page, and would like to be, just go to my website and “join” using the icon link.  Do email me if you are interested in upcoming courses and I will put you on the early notice list.

My intention as a teacher, and astrologer, is to encourage and help people to “think differently” – ultimately to build their astrological knowledge base on an archetypal, mythic and practical, foundational level, reaching through the human experience to the core essence of the person. Thus, enabling their experience of their world and interior self in significant ways, becoming intimate with the immensity of the universe. Because astrology cannot be molded nor contained in doctrine, it is particularly revealing in its ongoing, continuum of originality!

Astrology is an important conversation held within a vast realm – both in the cosmos itself and in each of our lives. Each one of us is a template of the human experience and because of that phenomenon the most important factors I keep in mind are: no dogma, no absolutes, no rules or formulae. Never is any moment repeated, nor is any individual a pattern to be interpreted according to rule.

Cycling through life

As you can see it has been an exceptionally eventful half-year, for me personally, and I know it has been for all of you, each in your own way . . . we are definitely all one in the eternal metamorphosis of global adjustment and change. My client work is always profound and deeply moving for me, and particularly now, at this time. Birthing new perspectives – and embracing these powerful transits – is essential, because we each individuate through the collective ethos. My own astrology progresses with the times, it is never static, nothing is ever the same, nor can it be! The sacred, archaic myths of eternal return lead us to closure and beginning again, in both long cycles and small, trigger cycles . . . in this way we create both our history and our future.

People are feeling a level of intensity to their experiences at this time, with so much coming to a peak in our actions, visions, goals which leads us to review, let go, and move on. Losses and gains, balance and uncertainty . . . those of us who have the luxury of choice and consciousness have much work to do! It is incumbent upon the privileged to work on behalf of the majority of our planet . . . those who have no choice but to survive. We carry them in our psyche and soul – and there is weight to that responsibility.

Major Configurations: A personal and global planetary Gestalt

There are periods of time in life and history, when “the astrology of now” is so explicit that it manifests in the most rudimentary, blatant expressions in our vocabulary of symbolism. These peaks – periods of global transits in tight configurations of long duration – are times of exceptional unification of world consciousness. This is neither good nor bad, but just ‘is’. It’s a time of quickened personal individuation. When we receive a focused and lengthy concentration from Saturn and/or the outer planets to planets in our own charts, we are challenged to make, yet another, major modification. Being aware of this work at hand, the alteration of consciousness major transits offer doesn’t necessarily alter the experience, but it does alter what we do with that experience. We individuate through the global transits as they center on our horoscopes. The houses they are transiting and the aspects they make to other natal planets bring a sharpness of image, of quality and of vision.

Similarly, when we have intense and long-range global transits, it is a time of quickened collective catabolic metamorphosis. There are so many factors at risk and issue at this period in metahistory, that we have to see the astrological backdrop as an historical timeline, with all the smaller trigger configurations as the peaks and troughs of a globally historical and evolutionary time-line – a very long one, at that.

Since November 2011, there have been an extraordinary number of events and action in people’s lives, not only archetypal, psychological, interior experiences, but also manifesting in unmistakable teachings/shocks/awakenings with crystal clear agendas! We are in a time of refinement in our individuation, a quickening, which is in part, directly related to the Saturn (Libra) opposite to Uranus (Aries) square to Pluto (Capricorn) which began at 0° Cardinal Signs in August 2010, and the Uranus/Pluto is back in place now at 8°. The Uranus/Pluto Square will be in orb till early 2017, with several exact squares between now and then.

It is imperative to understand why there are peaks of intensification of experience inherent in those major configurations of outer planets, and why the overriding ethos feels overwhelming and, to use an archaic astrological term: besieged! This intensification of the quality of time is particularly associated with the conjunction, the square and the opposition in global transits:

Why it is like that:

Placing this in “now”, with the Uranus / Pluto square:

Every seven days the moon enters the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. In doing so, it triggers the Uranus / Pluto square from one of the angles, it is conjoined, square and opposite and square again four times a month! This natural phenomenon, in part, is associated with the ongoing, exceptional uproar in the global realm. These seven-day peaks leave little time off. You don’t need to have anything in early cardinal signs to experience the dramatic process that this global transit presents for the world and for you.

Uranus in a square to Pluto has an underlying and overt intention: To utterly collapse old, outmoded standard . . . to introduce on a primitive level, new methodology and innovative concepts, which then might move into greater conscious action and being.  It is an introduction to a new template for our ‘new self’, not a conclusive result. The issues that arise for us personally are tailored to our own needs: dramatic change, innovative ways to allow movement in our social and spiritual lives. This inconvenient experience does have positive intent: to allow the death of an outmoded ego structure allowing the resurrection of an archetype  . . . in turn, which then must become conscious and realized.
Notes from the Cosmos:

An astronomical party is taking place this spring and summer!

•  The flurry of “cosmic confusion” of planets stationing retrograde, turning direct, eclipsing, in the same degrees of Mutable signs (Mars in Virgo, then Mercury in March/April in Pisces, then Venus will go retrograde and direct in Gemini . . . all sharing the 23rd degree of mutable signs as they station one way or the other!  Then we had the annular solar eclipse at 0° 32’ Gemini, which I mentioned! This is a remarkable, unpredictable, loose, fluid, creative but frustrating, shape shifting and metamorphosing time. People are easily thrown off track, confused, feeling “in between”, liminal, being let down and simply uncertain – understandably so! This cosmic confusion brings a form of wisdom, a gem honed from raw, a pearl from the irritant in the clam; it is time for learning – even if through sheer will – to LET GO and make use of what actually happens.

Cosmic Events

•  From early November 2011 to the end of June 2012, we have been in the Mars retrograde cycle – and we are coming to the end of that 7-month cycle on June 21st.   Mars was actually retrograde from January 24th – April 18th in Virgo.   Mars is the least retrograde planet, it retrogressing only every 2 years and 2 months.  This full cycle was a month longer retrograde period than typical.  Just what we needed, extra time with stress!

•  On May 16th, Venus will station Retrograde at 23° Gemini, as it did eight years ago in 2004 (within a day and a degree).  As you will see as you read on, this eight-year station cycle begins a rare but rhythmic phenomenon.

•  On May 20th, in the early evening, a group of us in Santa Fe, astrologers and metaphysicians, all gathered together to have a pot luck and then drive up to the ridge overlooking the city . . . and had the best view of the 9th annular eclipse of the 21st century . . . This annular solar eclipse was only the first of three remarkable astronomical events in 2012, followed by the transit of Venus on June 5/6, 2012 and a total solar eclipse on November 13, 2012.
Venus Retrograde
As the moon moved to precisely in front of the sun, a "ring of fire" was visible for nearly four and a half minutes.  This occurred at 0° 20’ Gemini . . . There was only an 87.1% obscuration of the sun by the moon in this solar eclipse, thus the other 13% is the “ring of fire” which surrounded the the sun as the moon reached perfect conjunction and the solar flare of the rim was clearly visible all around.

Erin Sullivan views eclipseViewing this phenomenon through eclipse glasses was a visceral experience, deeply profound and primeval.   No wonder the archaic peoples would surround the events of the Saros and Solstice experiences with ritual and rites-of-passage, monuments and megaliths.  And, that those activities continue today in honor of the family of planets and their relationship and conversations within their orbits and zodiacal positions.

• The long cycle of the Venus retrograde is actually a half year long . . . March 27th through August 15th . . . this is detailed in the article on Venus: Dual Goddess and The Transit of Venus.