June 2011 Newsletter

On The Threshold of a new Apprenticeship

Hello friends!

As I prepare to leave my island in the Pacific Northwest, for my journey to my heart-home, the great Southwest New Mexico, I share some thoughts with you.

I will be in the Santa Fe area for July and most of August, with my family and seeing friends and clients . . . and doing a couple of afternoon seminars. Keep watch on my website under “Events”. Please feel free to contact me via email.

With planets rolling around in my head, the global configurations delivering complex messages from the heavens, I am all the while in the same place as everyone else. Full of wonder at our collective circumstances – wonder being the operative word – and with a great knowing that “it had to happen”. There is such an element of heartbreak here, through the pain and suffering of so many and so much, that I have to accept that background of grief as a real place and a master teacher.

We are entering a time in which we must enter into an apprenticeship to ourselves. In “Saturn in Transit: Boundaries of Mind, Body and Soul” (i) , I write about the experience of the “mysterious apprenticeship” when Saturn is transiting the sixth house and the twelfth house (the Neptune/Pisces house of the horoscope). As well, I deal with the natural struggle at the crossroads of change, resulting in an essential inner dialogue, where we mediate opposites within and watch for signs and portents to act.

When we are not who we used to be, but instead are bound to a new apprenticeship to a master whom we do not know comes upon us suddenly as if out of a dream! That ‘master’, or mastery of self, is the great experience of meeting oneself at a crossroads and looking within for the first step forward, the first step across that threshold.

David Whyte, contemporary poet and envisionary, whom I recently had the privilege to experience during a profound weekend of his work – his mind, and way of being – through poetry and storytelling, says this about crossing thresholds, or making profound life changes:

“Start close in
don’t take the second step
or the third,
start with the first
close in,
the step
you don’t want to take . . .

Start right now
take a small step
you can call your own
don’t follow
someone else’s
heroics, be humble
and focused,
start close in . . .” (ii)

Erin Sullivan

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