April 2010 Newsletter

I now have a proper newsletter format, so the news is easier to read, it is easier for you to forward it on to people of like minds, and it is easy to unsubscribe too without worrying about it!
I chose to keep this first newsletter more archetypal, philosophical and informational rather than focusing on specific astrological happenings, which I will do in my video blogs, and also here, as they happen. 
I felt that it being Mercury Retrograde, and the “marriage of Mind – Mercury and the Sun – life purpose” occurring on the same day as the transit of Pluto stationed retrograde, meant new levels of depth in our musings need to occur so that we do not feel that our ideas and thoughts are without power. 
The inferior conjunction of Mercury and the Sun always occurs midway in the 20-24 day three-times-a-year Mercury Rx cycle . . . and the seed for new ideas and ways for proceeding forward are held in that symbol.  When our mind and our purpose merge, a birth occurs . . . a birth of a new cycle of understanding our own pioneering, proactive, creative, independent, demonstrative selves!  So, plant your seeds now, and nurture them after the 24th April,  and see the full blown results June 12th at the superior conjunction!

My Next Seminar at Royal Roads

I want to let you all know that my next seminar at Royal Roads University is on May 14th, Victoria, BC, Canada . . . and at the most beautiful time of the year for this paradisal island.  

The seminar is truly the “Big Picture” . . . it is about the long cycles of the Tropical Zodiacal Great Year, or also called “The Astrological Ages” . . .  these cycles are long, 2160 years in length, and the full cycle of the earth’s axis rotation around the zodiac circle is about 25,920 years! 

I will be going into the arising of innovation, cultural laying of archetypes which follow on from the previous age, and lead into the next. We are incrementally heading into the Age of Aquarius . . . from the Age of Pisces . . . and the seminar will spend the first part with a great power point of images and times of previous ages, beginning with Virgo and culminating with NOW.

The latter half of the seminar becomes a workshop . . . working with the imagery and the signs and symbols of the archetypes that have arisen in the last 2100-ish years, and what we carry over from the past, and to the current times . . . and discussion on what is actually going on?  Is there something to be gained from exploring this unique and unprecedented time in our known history?

It is essential that people talk about it, and find new ways of thinking, perceiving and accepting this global metamorphosis . . . on all levels: from me as an individual, you as another one, “us” as a collective, whether that is tribe, friends or the entire collective consciousness. 

There are profound and unforgettable experiences that lay in our ancestral mind, the depths of the “unified consciousness” which we are also meeting in this time.
If you can make it to this seminar -I encourage you to – you will “see something different” and thus, think in an all encompassing, unifying and non alienating way.  There is a natural tendency to pull away at times, and lose our perspective, fearful (the worst of our enemies – Fear) and thus, alone.  We are NOT alone.  And, the world isn’t ending.  If it does, then I am wrong, and it won’t matter!


♫♭“. . . there's something happinin’ here
what it is ain’t exactly clear . . .
. . . hey what's that sound
everybody look what's goin’ down . . .” ♬♪   -Buffalo Springfield

Indeed, through all times, Promethean poets, artists, writers, musicians, astrologers, metaphysicians, scientists and visionary heretics who have contributed to “prophecy” about our current times. As far back as the ancient Greeks to the rock bands and heretics of the nineteen-sixties and the philosophers and environmentalists today, we have been ‘informed’ that something major was on our horizon - something that no one has ever seen before.

Rather it is something that the entire population of the world has never known before.  There have been ongoing cyclic renovations to the planets in the solar system, and earth has undergone millennia of changes.  This is one of those times, when Gaia is morphing and stretching and undergoing natural phenomena that are devastating, yet reconstructive.

Since we live in a continually evolving and revolving universe, and we ourselves are part of that - indeed, we ARE that – there is a natural angst that is prevalent. 

In my practice as an astrologer I am privy to a mass of information, and being able to get to the core issues of the individual role or place in all of this, means focusing on how one “individuates” the collective ethos through one’s own self. 

I find that seeing how integral we are with the cosmos, and talking about that in a personal, immediate framework, clients are more capable of seeing what their own trials and tests are really about as well as how to maximize their potential in making major changes and metamorphoses in their lives . . . in harmony with the cosmos.  The great ordering of things  . . .

We have been accelerating toward a time when it appears to many people that there is ‘nothing they can do’ as a person . . . that is understandable, being overwhelmed and receiving too much information and not enough knowledge is a serious problem today. 

We are on the brink of seeing something never seen before – and as I mentioned above, this is not unusual.  There is something new “out there” and the chaos of the times is the chaos of birthing a new image and reality.  So many of my colleagues and compatriots in this work of “thinking differently” say the same thing in their own unique way – we are in preparation for a new vision of our world.

The Pleroma and Birth

We feel full to the bursting . . . like the last phase of gestation, whether that be a child or an idea, an experience or a ‘knowing’ . . . this is the phenomenon of the ‘pleroma’ – or, in mythic language, Chaos, which is the origin of all things, a state in any system when change is in process.   There is a cosmic attractor at work, as well, Eros (life-force). . . which quickens the embryonic state of mind/world into shaping itself to maturity, and becoming real, tangible, visible and thus, workable.

A pleroma is a ‘full  void’ and CJ Jung uses the word as a psychological state of self-generating newness, but it is also a universal state of being. Also, I think of this state as the cosmic womb.  It is a place in which all elements are present for all things to be born, however, there is no organization, no differentiation and so there is no ‘thing’ or shape.  However there are times when the creative elements in the pleroma begin to constellate and collect around a core center, a nucleus.  As this collection of creative elements begin their attachment and “stick” to the nucleus, revolve around it, a defined state emerges.  We birth ourselves.

We have all had this experience in myriad ways – for instance a seed idea, which slowly becomes a reality as a book, a project, a garden, a baby . . . we have all known the increasing discomfort of an embryonic condition - waiting for ‘something to give’, something to ‘happen’!   This personal experience is not terribly far-fetched, or mystical, but it is the Mystery.  We don’t know what is going to “happen”!!!  And, most people do not like this state of being.  It uncomfortable, out of control, no “hook” to hang it on. 

However, it is a time to ‘work’ your situation, to give it a place, a reality in which you can do something about this state.  First, is to accept it for what it is, and then to keep it cooking and conscious and be proactive.  Extend your vision into infinity, while being mindful and alert to all potentials, eliminating the ones that do not work. 

The Big Bridge – Astrology

Astrology is the pontifex maximus - the big bridge - between earth and the heavens.  It is powerful evidence of our unity between the Mystery and the world around us.  Myths, images and symbols have enriched our lives in ways beyond imagination.  We have become a world of splits, oppositions, confrontations and dilemmas, not yet a world of unified theory.  Collectively we are still in the pleroma, in which case, there are both practical and spiritual/metaphysical practices and activities we can count on, and do – to quicken our own development, and reduce the anxiety of the vast open space of “what is”.

Working with astrology for a very long time, over 40+ years now, there have been periods of astrological quiescence.  There have been years and phases where the astrology in relation to global events and personal connections to those have appeared to be undramatic.   And times in which there are collective spikes in the astrology of the times, and naturally, in the consciousness of people.

This is a period of time where the astrology of the moment is absolutely precise in its interaction with our personal experience, AND in perfect tandem with massive global events.   This is a quickening of awareness that there is mysterious collusion between us and our solar system, between us and the ever self-generating universe. 

This quickening of synchrony between global transits - major astrological aspects - and world changing events (both natural and human created) is phenomenal at this time, events are occurring in exact harmony with planetary activity. Knowing astrology does not exclude us from experiencing it!  However, knowing the astrology of the moment gives a greater sense of meaning and context of personal experience.

Symbols, Time and Universality

Symbols resonate to the deepest core of the Self and the unconscious, and symbols are a repository of increasing amounts of information as we evolve.  Astrologically we all are experiencing the exact same aspect in the sky all around the world at the same moment in time, but each of us is personalizing it through our horoscopes.

As the great Canadian Environmentalist, David Suzuki, says in many beautiful ways, we are everything, we are not separate from our environs. . . we are our environs. “The Force of Nature” is a visual and eloquent expression of this unity of all things.  (There is a link to the movie at the bottom of the page along with several relevant links for you to peruse).

We need to see ourselves now both as being of nature, as well as of the cosmos; there is no split between chaos and order, of self and other, of heavens and earth . . . though we may not see this expressed all around us, universally, it is time to accept and embrace that it is true. 

Embedded in our personal psyche is the knowledge of all history, and we are highly tuned to this molecular memory, sacred knowledge, now as never before . . . the resonance is increasing in frequency, from the red long wave to the ultra violet short wave . . . and to even more refined measurements or metaphors for what is being experienced as an uproar of culture and nature. 

Along with all that, people talk about a sense of time speeding up, and the reality that there is no way to know all things. It is a sense of time increasing . . . it isn’t actually moving more quickly in the quantitative sense since time measurement hasn’t changed as we know it.  BUT, the amount of activity, of intensity and information contained within a quantum of time has and continues to increase. 

Time is ‘fat’, it is ‘full’ and intensely compartmentalized in areas of human endeavor. It is now impossible for one person to grasp and know everything.  Concurrent with that is the desire to know all things.  This is the anxiety factor, wanting to know what is going on. We can look at some ways to compartmentalize our own personal system, making it manageable, while creating a rhythm that colludes with the Big Picture. 

I have found that even discussing the major astrological transits give a sense of order and calm.  That our significant personal journey is unique to us alone, yet is also conspiring with – breathing with – a universal truth.

I am always gratified to work with people and their willingness to self-explore and see how they work with some of the most profoundly difficult times . . . and how incredibly creative we are in moments of doubt.  We are a durable and resilient species, as well as a contributing factor to our lives and the events we participate in. 

For now, I leave you with some resources here below, and remind us all that we are the center of our own universe, and thus, the core of the cosmos itself.  Welcome to that place.

With that in mind, Stay in the Center!  

Erin Sullivan
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