December 2010 Newsletter

"Happy Super Solstice" to you all! This year is what I call the "Super Solstice" because it occurs in tandem with two other rare celestial phenomena. I want to explain what is going on in the heavens, then what it might mean to you . . . offer you, and me, and "us".

First: here is some factual information on the celestial happenings that we are experiencing over the Solstice Period this year:

Visible area of lunar eclipse December 2010This Solstice time is exceptional to all others because it occurs just after a Total Eclipse of the Moon - wherever you are on Earth. This year's Solstice on Tuesday will fall on the same day as a full lunar eclipse for the first time in 372 years. The Lunar Eclipse is a full Moon - and in the Northern Hemisphere, over all the North American Continent, Central America and the tip of South America will be able to see it as the earth turns, and the eclipse path moves across its surface! (See the diagram below).

The last time the Solstices occurred in conjunction with a total eclipse of the moon was in 1638 CE!

The next Solstice and Lunar Eclipse on the same day as the Solstice will be Dec. 21, 2094, so most of us will miss that one . . .

And, I have no idea when or if the retrograde Mercury conjunct the same sun will ever be with this cycle!!!

  1. Inferior conjunction of Mercury to the Sun - December 19th, @ 5:24 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, North America (and at GMT it is on the 20th December @ 1:24 am)
  2. Total Lunar Eclipse - A total lunar eclipse occurs December 21st @ 12:13 am Pacific Standard Time, North America (and at GMT it is 8:13 am)
  3. The Solstice of the Sun - as it crosses over 00° 00' 00" Capricorn - occurs December 21st @ 3:39 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, North America (and at GMT it is @ 11:39 p.m.).

This exceptional Lunar Eclipse lasts a full 72 minutes from start to finish, and is at 29°20' of Sagittarius/Gemini.

Just 15 hours 26 minutes later, the Sun will enter Capricorn and the Solstice will bring the Northern Hemisphere the longest night of the year, then the rise to longer days; while Sun "turns" toward the south and begins the New Light. (vice versa in the Southern Hemisphere - longest Day)

Because the totality of the eclipse is at 12:13 am Pacific Standard Time, it will be visible from midnight through 3:00 am in Eastern Standard Time, so if you are a late-bird in the West of North America and Central America , or an early-bird in the Eastern North America, Central America and most of South America you will be able to see this rare eclipse!


✰ So what does this mean? ✰

Here on planet earth, Gaia, we are sentient beings living in a massive, elegant system we can call "home" . . . Earth is one of 8 planets whirling around the nuclear centre - our Sun - the focus of the family of planets as they orbit in the most elegant way around the "hearth-fire" of this massive state. You don't have to be an astronomer or astrologer to accept that this is a truth. I have spent over 45 years gripped by an unusual vocation, and through that vocation I have learned many things beyond the astronomy of our solar system. I have learned that we are PART of it! and, that astrology is the bridge between the heavens and their activities and earth and its activities.

Long ago, as a Western civilization we lost the connection, the infusion rather, with nature. We emerged from a place of participation with nature which was not separated from the human experience. The positive result of the development of the collective ego is our phenomenal knowledge and global connection. The negative is that we have experienced such a split from nature (the Culture/Nature partition) that we no longer consider it - well, now that peril is upon us, there is a focus on it, but that is not what I mean. We can reconnect with nature in a contemporary way: By acknowledging that we - ourselves - ARE the linking of heaven and earth.

That is why personal and global astrology works. It works because it includes our entire system - as a unified principle and not as something "outside" ourselves or our earth.

In these truly astounding times, in this great epochal summation and peak of experience and intensity, it is necessary to expand our personal consciousness to recognize a much bigger picture than a local or interior one.

Our immediate circumstances demand tremendous focus on daily life, but also to relieve toxic over-information and too much input. It helps to be aware beyond our home town, our culture, our governmental organizing systems and our own focal perspectives. This does not mean that we stop considering practical reality and our personal, family, society and cultural needs! Imagine yourself pulling out, back, seeing yourself as a participant in a vast self-generating living system . . . . as well as turning "in" toward your own centre, your Solar Plexus, your own interior nucleus of Selfhood.

It is time to see ourselves as an integral and interactive, self-generating person in a very large home . . . the Solar System. It is not lunacy to grasp this image, it is sensible, it is going to be the way of the future, to consider (literally this means "con" with - "sidere" the stars) . . . yes, consider your self part of the stars. That we have evolved an intelligence and an perception beyond its capacity to manage it, we need to "grow" ourselves into a place where we CAN manage "it" and be stewards of our planet and its inhabitants!

By thinking "BIG" and acting small, we take active part and in this way, can affect our Whole System. The facts are in: we are not alone . . . we are indeed one . . . a unit - with all its components, that gives us the capacity to be effective in small ways which ripple out into the great family of humanity, most of whom are in dire straights and in perilous circumstances. All epochal endings are fraught with the necessity for change and adaptation, as well as evolution and revolution. In our own personal lives, we can do this, but it does mean actually envisioning our selves as inextricably enmeshed as cellular nuclear beings with the "Big Picture".

The phenomena that are occurring over the 19th and 21st of December, this year, are truly rare. However, you may not fully realize the degree to which you are involved!

✰ And: What can you DO with this information? ✰

Be at ease with your self. Focus inward on your core being . . . the Solstices are an ageless celebration which is played out in myriad ways in every culture and every spiritual ideal, for aeons. It is a time of "turning" inward and finding meaning in your life, work, goals, timing and reflecting on what "information" has been coming to you in the form of ideas, images, people, experiences and your personal environment. It is not weird to think this way, it is natural - it is the way of making yourself agree with nature and its being. There are some practices here you may work with to reduce the stress, worry, tension and, yes, negative thoughts!

#1 In your self, you will find that the last few weeks there have been some unexpected and even irritating events, things not working, changing in ways we do not want. These are data-bytes from our "big home" - the planet Mercury, messenger of the gods to the human psyche, is exactly with the Sun, and retrograding back . . . it is a seed planting time, consciously and unconsciously. Your mind-thoughts and your purpose are merging to create an opportunity for re-vising, re-visioning, re-claiming, re-orienting, re-leasing, re-viewing and letting that be what it is. But paying attention, giving the experiences attention affects the outcome - as an observer of yourself, you affect your Self and its behavior. "The observer affects the observed." This is a well established law of the universe - scientifically - and it is equally effective metaphysically and emotionally. Over the next few weeks through to New Year's Day 2011, you will find yourself with renewed ideas to make changes and to re-inspire your life force, so breath in and "work" that information . . . change is part of the Mercury Retrograde cycle, and for all the glitches it brings, it does force one to step back and move with some higher principle than brute or intellectual force. The forces are, in fact, beyond control, but you are not! You may be tired, but you are not exhausted.

#2 That the Mercury/Mind is conjunct the Sun/Purpose at the same time as the Solstice turning point, is phenomenal as I explained above. And, thus inflates the principles of self consciousness and self awareness. We are working with a very large "idea", and one which filters down into us individuals through our own gifts, talents, abilities, as well as our shortcomings and lacks. So, keeping your focus (literally: "hearthfire") burning, and your purpose-idea open, you will find that you can emerge into the New Year of 2011 with a core-power that is calm, purposeful, directed and innovative.

#3 We in three celestial events, which are in synchrony with terrestrial experiences: One is the Solstice, one is the Mercury retrograde/Sun conjunction, and the other one is the Total Eclipse of the moon . . . for us earth people, this literally means it is a time of realizing what self-destructive and non-productive habits are still with us. And, over the period of the eclipse, and for the next couple of months, this systemic reorganization will begin to take hold. By thinking right thoughts, being on track with your habits and directions, you can make major life changes. Yes, there is a lot going on in the world, and yes, it is affecting each of us in our own unique way, but we are still not powerless in our personal self and how we conduct our self in our daily affairs. One door is shutting, absolutely, so that a new one can open. Keep this in mind as you "cook" your issues and concerns in the very depths of your psyche.

#4 That all of these quite unique and amazing (literally - "away" from the "maze" - seeing the way out of confusion) solar system phenomena as we experience them ONLY from earth, our home planet (not on Mars or Jupiter) AND are occurring in a three day span, means that there is an intensification of mass information, global phenomenon, and power struggles reaching critical mass. Hence, one at a time, me, you, us, each one, can reduce the collective stress by that much. The plain language of astrology helps us bridge the split between the heavens and the earth.

This may not appear to immediately affect a huge change in global events and certainly does not change global transits, for they are what they are, just like the Sun rises in the east (to date, it seems to!!!) but it does its part.

The most important thing to be with during this time of Solstice, Eclipse and Inferior conjunction of Sun/Mercury, is to be quiet. Take time to be at ease. To accept yourself, but be aware of where you may fall short of the mark in your own estimation, and change it! Change what you can, leave others to their own experience, and empathize, but you don't need to "do" anything short of welcoming the turning point of the season - here, with me in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the longest, Darkest Day of the year, and thus, I look forward to the next few weeks, when the Sun finally does turn and move to bring more light (by January 8th) to me. And, for the southern hemisphere, you find the longest, Brightest Day of the year, and the beginning of the waning of light toward the equinox, the time when the days are the same length as the night.

As you see, there is a balancing act going on in our Gaia rhythms . . . we are in constant change, from one end of the seasonal/emotional/spiritual spectrum to the next - night and day. Powerful swings in long term change . . . do watch the little video attached, and experience the Sun's motion as we see it, in the course of a year. It is only a minute or so long . . . . and quite stunning with its infinity symbol being formed by its year-long transit.

Take this Season and its exceptional experiences as food for the soul. Enjoy the small stuff . . . keep an eye on the big stuff.

And, may you be in a state of inner peace, and I send you my own thoughts and wishes.

Happy Change! Hopeful futures! Join the Solar System as one of its integral, all important cells!

Warmly, Erin