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Erin’s December/January 2014 News – SALES and GIFTS!!!!!

Golden SunWe approach the December Solstice Point and the seasonal stasis of our view of the Sun slowly begins its change. It’s “stand still” as it turns . . . toward the Equinox!

Greetings to all of you at this momentous time!

Well, we have continued on with many changes and life force challenges in this past year – in both our personal individual lives and psyche’s but also in the collective soul.  We find ourselves carrying not only our own processes and personal individuation, but also we are bearing the load of much of the planet’s consciousness and growth.  My friends, clients, business associates all, have told me of their personal connection with the global condition – and the mythic proportions it has reached.

As in a Greek tragedy, we await the deus ex machina – the “god in the machine” – to sweep in, bringing crisis to a crossroad and a form of conclusion!  Crossing that threshold, or the many thresholds we are on the limb of, is essential.  It is essential in its timing, for each of us have totally unique and very particular challenges and histories that we are moving through and toward a new unknown. 

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